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Why Is Casals On The List?

UPDATED SEE TEACHER LETTER IN COMMENTS:  There are questions being asked by reporters and readers about the inclusion of Casals elementary school on the turnaround list and the larger issue of whether the relationship between City Hall and AUSL has gotten too close.  CPS included two relatively higher scoring schools — Casals and Tilden —... Read more »

School Closing Countdown

Prosecutors want Blago to get 15 years, and the school closing hit list is supposed to come out today under the new law that requires CPS to give earlier notice of its intentions than in the past.  Who’s on the list?  The Board has certainly started telling political and community leaders, and maybe even telling... Read more »

State Releases Detailed Charter Data

Today’s news includes new information about Chicago’s charter schools showing that performance varies widely and services to special populations is low but but student mobility is generally low. Plus a few other things: Report finds charters struggling like other CPS schools Tribune:  The dismal numbers are part of a new set of school report cards the... Read more »

If Denver Can Do This, Why Can't We?

Think that charters and districts can’t work together, are forever locked into adjacent silos to the eternal frustration and annoyance of everyone ?  Well, most of the time.  But following up on a recent agreement that local charters would accept mid-year enrollments, a coalition of groups in Denver has just announced the creation of a single... Read more »

Comparing Turnaround Coverage

Let’s take a look at what the mainstream outlets did with all that extra time CPS gave them to write their stories about the turnaround process to come: As you’ll see, they rehashed a lot of things that CPS told them in a press release and phone briefing. They created graphics (the Tribune’s is better... Read more »

Crowd-Sourcing The Turnaround List

Updated:  See the full list and press release from CPS below. Nothing official is out yet but I’m told that some individual schools are starting to be told if they’re on the list for closure or turnaround next year.  For example, I hear from a reliable source that Marquette ES teachers have been told they’ll... Read more »

So Long NCLB, Says ISBE

Illinois is going to be part of the second wave of states applying for “waivers” from NCLB, according to a letter released late last week (see full text below).  Many teachers and administrators will cheer the news.  But how much will revamping the accountability system cost the state?  We don’t know.  California’s state department of... Read more »

Teachers Want Limited Achievement Factor

Today’s news (welcome back and thanks for all the great comments over the weekend, folks) is probably the release of a report showing how much teachers are worried about being evaluated based on student achievement and want achievement limited to 10 or 15 percent of their evaluation.  Then there’s that whole schools closing thing looming... Read more »

Thanks! See You Monday [updated]

Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and sends things to this site — I appreciate your input even when I don’t agree with a word you’re saying.  Thanks also to my fellow bloggers and blowhards, who provide me with material to recommend (or mock) every day.  And of course none of this would happen without... Read more »

"Emptiness In Their Eyes"

On an NBC “Rock Center” segment Rahm Emanuel admits to not being sure he can change the world view and outlook of kids in high-poverty neighborhoods: Overall I thought the segment was pretty superficial.  The truly messy, petty, personal nature of the fight over the extended day got glossed over, even as the bow-tied interviewer... Read more »