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Was Cawley Clouted In?

There’s an IG report I haven’t seen yet that calls into question the necessity and wisdom of exempting COO Tim Cawley from the residency requirement — but the Board isn’t backing down (yet). CPS board chief defends residency waiver for No. 3 schools exec Tribune: The Chicago Public Schools board chairman this morning defended a residency waiver... Read more »

Extended Day Dollars For Charters?

Today’s news is that the Board is going to consider extending the extended learning incentives to charter schools at tomorrow’s monthly meeting, that Superintendent Brizard gave a speech at the Urban League, and that the CTU and CPS are fighting for the support of the ministers. Charter Schools Could Get Longer Day Money CNC: Roughly 42 schools... Read more »

Update From Denver

There wasn’t nearly enough time to do everything I wanted to do while I was in Denver  but I did get to see and do some interesting things that might be of interest from a Chicago perspective.  They’ve got an elected board there, with a 4-3 “pro-reform” majority going into next month’s elections.  They’ve tried... Read more »

Surviving The Short Halloween Week

Today’s news is, well, not much to look at — sometimes that happens the week of a Board meeting.  I’m guessing that the week ahead (a short one for kids) will be full of costumes.  Can you believe it’s the end of the first quarter for Track E already? School Consultants Help Parents Navigate Admissions... Read more »

More About Test Scores & Waivers

Here’s lots more about the state test score results, the call for an NCLB waiver, and what the next version of the state report card might look like. As I wrote yesterday, changing the measuring stick (or getting rid of it) won’t make Illinois schools any better than they currently are, and missing AYP by... Read more »

They're Not Done Yet

Today’s news is dominated by the news that the Board and the union are determined to fight over longer school days through the rest of the year. The Board seems to fear a final decision against them and hopes to win over more schools than the current paltry number of 13.  The union seems worried that... Read more »

The Sky Is Falling, State Says

Here’s the ISBE press release describing how bad NCLB is and how desperately a change in the law (or a waiver) is needed and will help things.  Sixty five percent of schools didn’t make AYP in 2011, up from 51 percent.  Only 8 high schools made AYP statewide.  Meanwhile, composite ISAT scores went up a... Read more »

High School Scores Look Awful

Today’s big news is that the Prairie State test scores for last year are out, and look pretty grim. High school test scores fall to a new low Tribune: About half of Illinois public high school students flunked state exams in reading, math and science this year, the worst performance in the history of the 11th-grade Prairie... Read more »

Washington Fails At #NCLB Rewrite Attempt

Ten years after it was first enacted and more than two years after the Obama administration has been pushing for a reauthorization, the federal NCLB law was supposed to get revamped by the Senate education committee this morning, and then head to the Senate floor and — theoretically — over to the House. But it... Read more »

Mmmm, Bok Choy.

I continue to feel like the news isn’t covering what’s really going on in CPS this year, but today’s official education news includes a visit from Arne Duncan, some charter school grant announcements from Washington, and the murder of a Shurz high school student. CPS creating one-stop support system for schools Tribune:Chicago Public Schools is creating a... Read more »