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Cheers/Jeers For Teacher's Verbal Smackdown

“”Y’all don’t do that in here,” he roars at the two boys. “Trust me, we can take it to the grass. Trust me, it’s been that kind of Tuesday. You’re too young and life’s too short for y’all to be selling out for that kind of nonsense. This ain’t no Crip, Blood kind of nonsense.”... Read more »

Code Yellow For Illinois

Red, yellow, green — it’s the familiar color scheme long used to warn us of terrorist threats (and to tell us when to accelerate).  Only now it’s applied to state education outcomes.  Illinois is a yellow, with 10 green states doing better (much better, in some cases) and 10 red states doing worse. Color-Coded Maps Rank... Read more »

Study Explodes CPS Progress Claims

All of you University of Chicago haters might have to rethink your feelings with this new UofC study showing that most of the progress claimed by school leaders since 1988 has been an illusion.  This isn’t a big surprise among those who pay attention to cut scores and testing changes, but may be a surprise... Read more »

What CPS & Evanston Have In Common

They both perform below the international average for developed countries.  That’s according to the right-leaning folks at Education Next, who point out in this post (Do Rich People Know What’s Going On in Their Local Schools?) many affluent communities come in just above or well below average on international standards, despite the perception that they... Read more »

Board Meeting -- $44 Million To Go

Today’s news is all over the place but we should probably pay most attention to what happened at yesterday’s Board meeting and the ongoing CPS budget woes: Chicago Board of Education Recap CNC: Classes are in full swing at Chicago Public Schools, but district administrators continue to move forward with a number of layoffs as they work... Read more »

Rating Preschools Instead Of Expanding Them

There’s always a lot of media coverage when Mayor Emanuel announces something new like this rating system for early childhood programs, but sometimes I’m not sure what the big deal is.  Isn’t the main problem with early childhood that  there aren’t enough programs, and that they aren’t good enough?  Nothing against early childhood programs but... Read more »

Arne's Revenge

Remember how much Arne hated the NCLB-mandated SES tutoring program, which required schools to offer after school tutoring if they didn’t meet AYP (and required CPS to give up to 20 percent of its NCLB allocation to pay for it)?  Well, after all those years he’s apparently getting his revenge. When states get their NCLB... Read more »

Parents Want Shorter Longer Day

News coverage of the RYH parent poll on the Chicago school day has been confused, to say the least.  Plus other news: Surveyed Parents Want Shorter Longer Day CNC:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s aggressive push for a longer school day is not being received favorably by some Chicago Public Schools parents, according to a new survey. Parent... Read more »

Twitter Tuesday

I’m at a conference today so I’ll be updating via Twitter. Click below to see the latest.  Hit “refresh” to get new Tweets://

School Of Scientology

Here’s five year-old Suri Cruise in a matching pink hat and shawl with lavender wrist purse and unknown yellow doll (please tell me that’s not lipstick), who started school this year at a school with Scientology ties founded three years ago by actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It’s called New Leadership Academy in Calabasas, Calif, and it’s... Read more »