Whatever Happened To Pulaski?

One the most interesting and contentious issues discussed on this site was the debate over Pulaski Elementary, where as you may recall two years ago the community was going through massive gentrification process and new parents were putting pressure on the current parents and teachers there (What’s Going On At Bucktown’s Pulaski Elementary? August 2009 and November 2009 here).  The school now has two programs — IB and gifted bilingual — plus a fancy logo (someone went to graphics school).  The school fares well on the CPS scorecard.  But I wanted to see if we could find out how things have been going since the hullabaloo died down, inside the school.  Have things gotten better, or worse, or do they remain unchanged?




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  • Whatever happened to Pulaski? Seriously? The school was virtually shut-down, an entire new curriculum, administration, and faculty was supposedly established. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. There are no fine arts, no veteran teachers, no school spirit, no joy, no nothing. Tha scores that you mention are the result of the last Principal's hard work-not the present guy. What can I say about him? I will be respectful, which is more than I can say about him. He is not an educator and he dishonestly plays with data. Gifted bilingual teachers are leaving, veteran teachers are not reapplying, the Band teacher who was there for 22 years, voluntarily left. It is a sad place. All the present LSC members care about are their property values and perpetuating the illusion that this is an IB school. There is nothing IB going on at this school. There is nothing good going on in this school. I would never, ever, ever, send my child to this school. It's a joke, a sick cruel joke. But don't worry-I'm sure the present Principal will be publishing another book very soon, with his delusions of grandeur and his forged data analysis.

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    Another NLNs leader-enough said!

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    Wrong - Pat Baccellieri came from the UIC program.

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    If that is true, then NLNS should stop including his name as a participant in Cohort 1 (first Chicago cohort in 2001).

  • can anyone confirm or dispute this comment re teacher turnover, morale, has the student body changed that much, etc?

  • so we've got unsubstantiated claims and vague insults, but nothing more specific than that. i don't know about everyone else, but i'm not convinced by anything but facts.

  • The first anonymous was right. There are I believe 5 teachers from the previous administration still left at Pulaski. Two National Board teachers left one voluntarily and another was displaced. The neighborhood doesn't care, Board of Education doesn't care and the public doesn't care. It is not a good time to be a teacher that does.

  • First, I want to thank you Mr. Russo for bringing up Pulaski on your blog. I know a lot of teachers who would love to have a voice but are too afraid to come forward because of the principal. He has made a mission to destroy people he doesn't like, and so you probably won't get a lot more than vague details. I would agree with everything sick of this system and teachwhocares said. What facts are you looking for? I counted 6 teachers from the previous administration (out of over 40) are still there. Most of the teachers who are currently there feel trapped because it’s not an easy time to find jobs, and they are terrified about not getting a transfer or having the principal sabotage them.
    The population…the younger grades is changing a little bit, but not to an extreme. They changed the preschool program so some of the spots are tuition based pre-school, so that obviously forces some change.
    The principal claims that the staff we are analyzing data, and making plans for improvement. Really all that has been done is have teachers throw a bunch of numbers into a spread sheet and put together a fancy power point presentation so it appears as if data analysis is happening. He requires extensive work on various projects without regard to quality. Just getting things done for the sake of having them done. Most of the teachers on staff are extremely hard-working and willing to invest a tremendous amount of energy, but there is a limit to human capabilities.
    He also has informed the community that is at an all time low. That’s not really a fair statement because most referrals don’t get addressed; even some very seriously ones. Most of the teachers realize that nothing happens with discipline referrals, so why fill them out? Does that sound like a way to improve discipline?
    Would you like more information?

  • I meant discipline is claimed to be an all time low

  • I agree with the other postings. The new principal is a good politician and corporate minded. We all know data can be manipulated to show what you want to show. The teachers don’t have time to do what is really important---really analyze at the data and student work use it to create meaningful change. They are always too busy getting ready for some flashy thrown-together data presentation for staff development days. . And dicipline an all time low? Ha...the diciplinarian is a joke. It's a reward to send the kids down there. Or just plain meaningless. The neighborhood folks are fools to fall for this façade. Yes, they probably enjoy the new marquee as the graphics fit their aesthetic. Oh and the landscaping and new outside cleanup of modular building. The old Pulaski fought for years for the money to do these upkeep things, but nothing was given until Mr. Well Connected walked in. I’m sorry but a crafty politician, the label IB and a fancy marquee do not make for real change to me. The IB thing is going to take time as real change does. What anonymous said about the scores is true...a lot of good things were already put in place w/ the old staff/principal. And the scores reflect their hard work as well, not just one year under him. The neighborhood is so impressed that he got rid of the majority of the old staff, but many were stellar teachers. And so are many of the new teachers. The sad thing is the new staff thinks that the old Pulaski was a failing school. So untrue. Bucktown SHMUCKtown.

  • sounds like at least some folks don't much like what's gone on -- former teachers and staff, i'm assuming.

    though to be fair most of what's being described -- paperwork annoyances, last minute PD -- sounds like pretty much every other school i've ever been in.

    anyone from the current school want to weigh in, by name or anonymously?

    who's mr. well connected? steve? pat?

    meantime, i'm told that the ISATs moved from 73.5 to 80 from last year to 2011. reading is at 79, math exceeds is 39, and that the student demographics haven't really changed in terms of SES.

  • Pat Ballistieri was the principal at South Loop. When you hear faculty talk about him, it's either all in or all out. There's no middle ground. He is quiet and unassuming but he is very determined and very smart.

    Pat laid the foundation for the success of South Loop He very quietly but effectively raised expectations for staff. Those who coiuldn't wouldn't meet them were quietly counseled to move on . . . and they did, many with same grumblings you hear above. Like a lot of what he does, he did this without drama or fanfare.

    I suspect the same thing is going on at Pulaski . . . We should all hope that he meets the same success he had there.

  • raising expectations is a good thing but on the south side we have principals who can only be politely described as erratic and what has happened is that the best teachers leave these schools and the school goes downhill...several of these schools have been mentioned on this blog...yet CPS does nothing to curb these principals...some have suggested it is part of an agenda...meanwhile the effects on the children are negative..

  • I doubt CPS has an agenda to incent good teachers out. More likely, CPS has problems getting good principals in. In some cases, its an LSC problem, which CPS has tried to minimize by its principal eligibility process and by trying to work with LSCs in their hiring decisions -- but CPS can only to do so much and some of those LSCs are filled with rogue community and parents.

    In other cases it matter of poor training of principals in basic things like change management, interpersonal skills, principal maturity etc. It's not easy being a new principal coming into a school with staff who's first reaction is at best one of caution and at worst of down-right suspicion. Talented new principals understand the need to spend time getting to know staff, understanding the strengths and weaknesses and understanding the school staff's culture and climate before insisting on change. Many young new principals make the mistake of trying to make change abruptly and immediately and lose stff trust when they do that.

    In other cases, there are some frankly bad staff situations out there, where one or more of the staff believe that they control the building and work to undermine whomever is principal.

    In some cases, it's a combination of all three.

    The challenge for CPS is getting really good and mature principals in places that are challenging. Education is hard work under the best of circumstances and really talented folks generally have their pick of where they'll land. So the most challenging school don't often get the most talented. The question is how to best match them -- the answer is probably in pay and resources.

  • I agree with you. Competent teachers are not threatened by new principals but if a new principal makes unrealistic demands on his staff such as requiring fifty pages of weekly lesson plans, BS initiatives such as curriculum mapping, word walls so extensive there is no need to paint, center mania, using textbooks or worksheets considered a subversive activity, no support in the area of discipline, etc. good teachers will leave.

    I am a long time employee of a school which had an administrative change four years ago. The new principal spent the first year making long overdue positive changes mainly in technology. Any other changes he made he did using tact and common sense. The teachers bought into his ideas. Did he please everyone? No, but the majority of staff could see that he cared about the students. Also, he was very positive especially during evaluations. Many teachers received different ratings than what the previous administrator had given. He gave constructive criticism during the evaluation conference.

    He had only ten years of teaching experience and had less years on earth than I had teaching yet he was the best principal I had in CPS.
    I think what made him so exemplary was that he was extremely bright,
    very hard working and had what veteran teachers see too little of in CPS...common sense.

  • Pulaski will be a success. It has good people, old and new working to make the school thrive.
    The kids are happy, they get an open campus for lunch and recess combined. It seems like the principal was open for that decision.
    If things were working so well with a gifted bilingual program then why were the scores so low for "gifted" . The gifted program was in deep trouble. The school had a very hard time with gifted enrollment. Teachers from the upper grades were not willing to put the hours in for the ib program and really had a bad attitude. Many got the pink slip the first year. I personally know teachers in the lower grades that wanted in on the ib program. so it is popular and fun to teach. Who wouldnt want to get on the Ib train.
    The administration has been attentive and responsive to parents and children's needs ...what more can you ask for.

  • I am a current teacher. The school year just started so it’s too early to tell where the direction this year is heading, but I would like to be optimistic….if that’s possible?? I needed to come on here and confirm that everything stated about this school negatively (RE: Mr. Well-Connected) is unfortunately true. I look at my work as a job, and no longer something I can personally invest myself in.

  • The last comment from anonymous says it all. Now, it's just a job. It's not a passion, not a calling, not a love. It was, but Mr. Well-connected and his cronies changed all that. A school is not a business. We are dealing with little human beings, not technology and numbers and power point presentations etc. When the Principal forgets to say "Welcome Back" to the students, we have a problem. When the Principal forgets to say "Have a good summer vacation," we have a problem. Everyone can blame whatever they want on the staff but it simply is not true and anyone that was ever part of the Pulaski Family can vouch for it. I don't think the present school will succeed. I don't think that a negative, sad school environment, combined with a ridiculously large teacher turnover rate, is a formula for a successful community elementary school. Only time will tell, but if I had to guess, I'd guess, not a chance.

  • So, last June, the well-connected boss had his faculty sign a union waiver stating that they would be willing to extend the school day for 45 minutes. That would include a recess. They was no extra pay mentioned or bonuses but the veiled threat was present. If you didn't sign it and give the boss his way, you would eventually pay with your job. Naturally, it passed. Congratulatory notes were sent home to all the parents declaring that Pulaski was a success and that the teachers were wonderful to have voluntarily passed this waiver. How utterly ironic! How come Mr. Well-Connected didn't know that if he had only waited, he would have been able to get a 90 minute extension, a raise for his teachers and a bonus for the school? Hmmm. I hear he's trying very hard to get it passed now-a new waiver. It's something the Union should definitely hear about since each school is only allowed one waiver per year. Me thinks that Mr. Smarty-pants isn't all that smart after all. I would love to have a photo of him kicking himself in the head.

  • Pulaski is just one hot mess!! :(

  • More than a hot mess. Teachers are being required to attend emergency meetings after school that last until 5. Mr. Well-connected is taking new waiver votes almost daily. He is, unwittingly, unifying the faculty against him. Two weeks of school and already the morale in the school is cancerous. He not only calls the union meetings, he runs them, asks for a show of hands to vote, counts the votes. If it weren't so harmful for the children, so shameful that the neighborhood is clueless, the entire situation would almost be hysterically funny.

  • I am a concerned parent-very concerned. What do we do? There are many parents, like me, out there but we don't have the power. If you aren't "in" with "the Friends of Pulaski" and if you don't have extra money to donate or fancy connections, you have no sway with this group. The Principal is very smooth, but we can see through him. We just don't know what to do. It's hard to get your child into a selective enrollment school. We want the community school to do well, just not this way.

  • I agree with Now What? What can we do, short of moving to the burbs? I can see that Pulaski is not very good, that the turnover rate of teachers is ridiculous, and that the Principal is very sketchy. What would you like me to do? I can't sell my property. My original plan was to move to the burbs once my children became 5 years old., but who wants to buy my house now? I can't afford private school, unlike our mayor. Help me with suggestions. What should I do?

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    Run! get out of there! You don't want your children in that school and you don't want to have anything to do with that place.

  • In reply to gibb:

    That's not the answer! Talk to other parents who have the same concerns and start asking questions and voicing your concerns to everyone - LSC, principal, Network people, and the Board of Education. This is your neighborhood school. Don't back down!

  • The teachers need to stand up and refuse to go to after school meetings. The waiver meetings where a vote is taken is void if run by the principal. Report these violations...come on teachers ...how can you be role models if you have no spine?

    Parents do not move if is not financially feasible. Schedule a meeting with the principal, speak at the LSC meetings, call or visit your ward office, and go en masse to 125 Clark. You have more power than you think. This is your school, not the principal's kingdom, or in his case, planatation.

  • Come on Pulaski teachers-UNITE! Don't "waive" your rights goodbye. Stick together and don't let him bully, dangle threats in front of you or pit you against each other. He is the administrator and he will have to deal with the schedule mess he has created-not you. Yes, we all want a longer school day, done the right way. Well planned and strategically thought out--what's best going to impact the students. It also has to be fair to teachers. He just wants to look good in front of Emmanuel...and be one of the "pioneering" schools. What a load of b.s. Planning...hello???

  • The problem is that the teachers are too scared to death to unite and do anything. Haven't you ever been frozen with fear? Pulaski is under a military dictatorship rule. Maybe the teachers can't be exiled and killed for disobeying, but they can be harrassed, bullied, humiliated, and shown the door. The Boss has gone out of his way to hire young, inexperienced people who have had quite a bit of difficulty maintaing the same job for any length of time. I'm not saying they are not good teachers-many are. However, they are also grateful to have a job and he welds that power over them. It's an abusive mentality that is going on in that school. If the children act out,(meaning the teachers) they will be emotionally and mentally abused. It's complicated and very sad. In the meantime, is that a good environment for your children to be taught in? I agree that the teachers need to unite and stop him but that's difficult when they are in hiding, tired, and scared.

  • When the principal comes up with a plan to add recess as Baccellieri did in June, bullies all staff to sign the waiver without seeking help he obviously needed for the logistics of it all (of course Velazasquez the AP could have helped but is too cowardly and intimidated to open her mouth),and plows through as usual spoiled brats do...of course You end up in one big hot mess!! Now he is bullying all of the teachers because now there is a 150,000 dollar reward 4 bullying and he wants in. and so bad that he is targeting individual teachers who are rightfully unwilling to give up their prep time. And the worst part?? Now Baccellieri doesn't even take the blame. he just calls for meeting after meeting after meeting. Until everyone is on board with his plans his way. Yes it is just 1 big hot mess. :(

  • So it is that Patrick Baccellieri is leading the Pulaski International school of Chicago away from their focus... teaching!!!!

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    This is heartbreaking to read. I am a former teacher who KNOWS that our faculty at Pulaski was family and worked HARD for the kids and families. To hear my colleagues speak of their exits and the turmoil - it makes me sick. Truly. =( Politics need to get the hell out of the classrooms already. Good teachers are leaving the profession because of the teacher-bashing, political turmoil and bullsh*t that is keeping us from our jobs/passions: TEACHING, LEARNING, KIDS.

  • What is going on at Pulaski? Why are there no teacher representatives on the L.S.C.? Why aren't the teachers saying No to the boss and showing him that he can't lead without followers? Why doesn't the community and present L.S.C. members, especially the veteran ones, get on his back and make him accountable? Why is everyone just following the bully without fighting back? He is on contract. Contracts can be revoked, especially when playing with the books, the numbers, the budget, lying to everyone etc., is involved. What is going on at Pulaski????? Now he's talking about a Pulaski High School? Really?? Are you joking? He has no idea what he's doing with the elementary school, and now he's planning a high school? give me a break.

  • Let me start out by saying that change is difficult, no matter where it takes place. Whenever there is change there will always be individuals that either can’t accept the fact that changes are happening (and continue to complain about them) and/or refuse to make the necessary changes to adapt to the current direction the change is moving in.
    It sounds to me like there are some teachers at Pulaski that either need to get on board with the new model and administration and help them reach their goals or find a new teaching job elsewhere. If you really do not like your position, then look for another one. The Chicago Public School system is quite large and I’m sure there are positions available elsewhere.
    It is my understanding that the school’s focus on the IB model and gifted/bilingual classes has only benefited the students. Scores are up, students are happy, and they are eager to learn. The changes that have been made to the staff only reflect that the school is moving into a new direction. Teachers that weren’t willing to help make these changes, and put in the extra work necessary to do so, either left on their own power or weren’t brought back for the new school year.
    The focus is and always will be on the students. Are the students benefiting from the changes that have been made to Pulaski? I feel the answer is yes.

  • Unless you have worked under Pat Baccellieri you really can't speak to know him.
    He is a gifted politician NOT an Educator. His Word is NOT The Truth...he is NOT The Messiah.
    "Teachers that weren’t willing to help make these changes, and put in the extra work necessary to do so, either left on their own power or weren’t brought back for the new school year." is what Pat wants the public to believe.
    Truth Is...there is no data to support these claims because conveniently there have never been Exit Interviews or Morale Surveys.
    Truth is...if any faculty member sees him for what he is (or actually Is NOT) and he senses it - they become his next targets.
    Truth is...current teachers are planning their next moves (carefully and fearfully with extreme caution) There is a big turnover at Pulaski for one Big Reason - Baccellieri.
    Truth is...Dr. Patrick Baccellieri still has the Gifted Bilingual program as his lowest priority - just check its description on the new Pulaski website as it compares to the IB program.

    The Truth is...Out There
    In fact it is right in front of you!
    Don't be blinded by the Propaganda

  • Hmmm.... I wonder who is planning to break his contract and retire in June? Is Pulaski not all he thought it would be? Is the data and progress not moving along quickly enough for him? Will the fact that the school will not pass the I.B. criteria put him at odds with the community? I wonder. Yes indeed, the truth is out there. It's unfortunate that the damage has already been done. Well, "Friends of Pulaski" can't ever say they weren't warned.

  • What Next? - you nailed it... Dr. Baccillieri resigned and most of the teachers sighed a sigh of relief and students actually CHEERED. Most neighborhood parents like(d) him, but he is a data driven control freak with no regard for any IB philosophies. It's unfortunate that the school lost many great teachers, however, Dr. B. did hire very good teachers with much potential. Some of them have only a few years of experience, but I believe many of them will someday be master teachers. The IB curriculum is more important to me than all those piles of senseless data. We need to get a more caring principal that WANTS to be at Pulaski and not just someone that cares about numbers... someone who cares about the social/emotional growth of ALL the students.

  • Yes, Pulaski Parent. Everything you say is correct. But it's shameful what he did to that wonderful school and how the community backed him, the LSC endorsed him, and no one, no one, listened to those who were telling the truth about him the whole time. I hope a very important lesson was learned here. I'm sure that many fine teachers are employed there but the caliber of the teachers that left, either voluntarily or involuntarily, must not be forgotten. Those teachers were treated like dirt and disrespected. New teachers were hired the first year, treated disrespectively, lied to, and fired. The community and the LSC were warned time and time again, but no one stood up, no one acted upon what they knew was happening. It will take many, many years for this school to even begin to approach the excellence it exemplified before this agent of political corruption and misguided power came in and dismantled, destroyed, disrespected, and killed the spirit that once lived there. And for what? For what? That is the most troublesome question of all. I would never send my child to that school. It's no longer a good school. Scores have gone down, morale is awful, and there is no school spirit or happiness. And again, I ask you: for what? What was the point? You and I all know what the point really was but no one is talking about the white elephant in the room. Dr. B. wasn't able to accomplish the hidden agenda either now, was he? Sorry Bucktown Parents. You still need to send your children to private school, a school outside of your community, or head for the burbs because your plan failed miserably. And, by the way, good luck with selling that house of yours. Oh dear, the best laid plans.......

  • In reply to shameful:

    So what is this "hidden agenda" and "plan" you are speaking of?

    Blogs are a useful, democratic element in the public discourse of important issues but only if everyone speaks directly and without implication.

  • The not-so-hidden agenda is to make Pulaski International into a completely white, community, neighborhood school. The white elephant in the room is the intention of removing all children and families of Hispanic origin from the school. How do you not know this? Everyone in the neighborhood knows this????? Is that direct enough for you?

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    ahem... perhaps I'm not from that neighborhood?

  • give us an update, he who knows -- what's the latest in terms of students, teachers, programs?

  • Seriously, who cares? This ship has sailed. Supposedly, there will be much teacher and LSC involvement in the selection of the new Principal. However, as a member of the community with three small children, I've heard enough. I will not be sending my children to this school. I have been actively encouraging my neighbors to do the same. CPS has enough problems without adding the insanity of Pulaski International into the mix. Dr. B. is off to Bateman in Albany Park to "fix things." What a shame. How sad and counter-productive. I don't care anymore about this school and I am doing everything in my power to convince my beloved neighbors to adopt the same attitude. Mr. Russo, why don't you do a little investigating yourself and report back to us. After all, this is your blog, isn't it????

  • In reply to Who Cares?:

    Investigate? Report back?

    C'mon. Russo isn't actually a reporter. And he obviously isn't an investigative reporter.

    He's a compiler of news created by other people. Sort of a redistributor of other people's work. The bulk of that, even, just amounts to run-of-the-mill regurgitations from mass media.

    You ask too much, especially from someone who doesn't even live in Chicago.

  • Bloggers of Russo's have their valuable place. The comments are valuable too. And yes, it'd be really, really, really great, if the education journalists in this town did a better job with investigating, reporting back and following up.

  • Wow am I bummed. I'll be seeking a school this year for my 4 year old and have been SO excited about the prospect of Pulaski. I'm out of the school boundary, but went on a tour and was quite impressed with what I saw.
    But there are some seriously negative parents on this blog.. "who cares" "run to the burbs" "ship has sailed".. this attitude is just terrible!! It is the parents here who are making me rethink Pulaski. A school needs a strong parent and community base to thrive.. and the posts on this blog make me nervous about the strength of Pulaski's community.

    My advice to the angry parents - Pulaski is your neighborhood school. Get involved if you want to make change. Be a part of the solution instead of yelling and complaining about things you don't like. YOU are the ones who can be a part of change.

    From what I've read, it looks like noone is happy now. The people who didn't like the Principal have gotten him removed from the school, but are still mad. And now the people that wanted Dr. Baccelleri are sad and mad to see him go.

    Maybe this is a good time and place to rebuild. Don't run to private school or the suburbs. Work together to love this school.

    And, for the record, I'm white... but one of the things I love most about Pulaski is the gifted bilingual program. I'm actually upset I can't get my kid into that program because she's not from a native spanish speaking home. So.. "he who knows".. you don't speak for the whole community. You've clearly had some bad experience. But not every white family has some malilcious "hidden agenda". We all have the same goal. We all just want a good school for our kids.

  • "From what I've read, it looks like noone is happy now. The people who didn't like the Principal have gotten him removed from the school, but are still mad. And now the people that wanted Dr. Baccelleri are sad and mad to see him go."

    Dr. B quit (with a few years left in his contract), he didn't get pushed out. The yuppies were pretty upset about his departure, as they recruited him to "shake things up" for them.

    There are some stellar teachers at Pulaski, specifically a Pre-K teacher who is doing amazing things (Reggio Emelia-inspired) with her classroom. Well worth the drama of the rest of the school...

  • why not finish yr contract? why bounce around from school 2 school?

  • All of the terrible things that Patrick Baccellieri did at Pulaski are now happening at Bateman. The teachers at Bateman are miserable. No one trusts Baccellieri. All of the teachers at Bateman are afraid that they are going to lose their jobs at the end of the year. Morale is very low. It is such a sad place. We regret not listening to our brothers and sisters at Pulaski when they warned us about Baccellieri being a politician and not an educator.

    A big part of the problem is that Baccellieri has no elementary school teaching experience. He spent most of his teaching days at a Catholic high school teaching theology.

    Adding tho the problem is that he has an agenda to turn Bateman into an IB school. He even has several "student teachers" at Bateman right now. The teachers at Bateman are actually training the student teachers from Loyola to take their jobs. How could that happen, you ask? Because when the student teachers are done with their program they will be endorsed to teach at an IB school. Since none of the current teachers at Bateman will have the IB endorsement, they can all be fired.

    Oh, and did I mention that Baccellieri's wife works at Loyola and oversees all of the student teachers? Sound like a conflict of interest? She even spoke to all of the teachers at Bateman. She was introduced by Baccellieri, but he forgot to mention that this woman standing beside him is his wife! Wouldn't most men say, "Hey everyone, I would like to introduce my wife to all of you." Yes, most men would say that, unless they have a hidden agenda and know that what the are doing is wrong. This is just one example of why no one at Bateman trusts Baccellieri.

  • In reply to RicoMama:

    I am in complete agreement with this post. He has manipulated the faculty into fear of losing jobs. Any complaint is immediately combated with a threat to lay off and replacement for your position.This is truly a man of CPS using his power like a tyrant. Not to mention his minion of an assistant principal is just as cocky and power hungry.

  • In reply to lolo2467:

    "...immediately combated..."

    Can you elucidate?

  • Mr. Russo, would you please create a blog for Bateman? Dr. Baccellieri left Pulaski to work at Bateman, and now Bateman is falling apart. With all of the people attacking teachers, it is about time someone revealed the real problem at some of these schools: the principal.

  • Baccellierri's next book should be about how to destroy an elementary school. After my one-on-one meeting with Dr B this week, it is painfully clear to me that he has no idea how to educate children. Why is this man principal? He has no answers.

    Every morning, I sit in my car in the parking lot asking myself if this is going to be the day I finally quit. Reluctantly, I get out of my car and drag myself into the building. So many others at Bateman feel the same way. Things have gotten even worse since he hired Efrain Martinez as his SECOND assistant principal. Efrain has ruined teacher morale with his dishonesty and rudeness.

    WAKE UP PARENTS!!! Dr B hired a second assistant principal so that he could do EVEN LESS than he did last year. And last year, he did not do a whole lot. There is no reason for Bateman to have a second AP in this time of budget cuts. If we did not have Efrain, we could probably have two or three more teachers to lower the class size. In fact, the teachers that got laid off last year were probably let go to pay for Efrain. The administrators are not the ones teaching your kids.

  • Your best bet it to organize and go to the LSC at your school.
    Then, is your CTU delegate aware of this and supportive?
    If not call CTU ans tell them this.
    Are any employees speaking to the LSC -2 teacher reps and the staff rep about this? (If there are no reps, get them on the LSC!)
    Are there supportive parents who can speak to the network?
    All LSCs evaluate the principal and it counts.
    Don't just sit in the cold in your car-if there are others as you say, stand up and do something. Although you have over 1000 students, one can see why there is another ap, with the excruciating teacher evaluation process. As CPS class sizes rise and per-pupil takes money away, many schools with 1000 only have 1 ap because the principals work long hours to meet the evaluation requirements.

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