Tim King Is WINNING!

Tim King and Urban Prep’s endless self-promotion/ victory lap in the media continues with glowing articles in Crain’s (Chicago) and GQ (national).  I wonder if this makes other reformers and funders cringe or worry or roll their eyes.  Cross-posted from TWIE.

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  • "yet all 211 of the school's graduates have earned admission to four-year colleges. By comparison, at Paul Robeson High School, less than a mile away, just 36.1% of freshmen graduate within five years."

    This is an inappropriate comparison and extremely misleading. Comparing the number of seniors (left) who were accepted to any 4-year college is different than comparing the % of freshmen who graduate within 5 years from that same school.

    What they fail to tell you about Urban Prep is the number of individuals who graduated from their freshman class which ended up with 211 individuals. What they fail to tell you is how many of those 211 individuals didn't end up graduating. What they fail to tell you is how many of those 211 individuals were accepted into a 4 year college that accepts anyone who applies, i.e. such as some online university or some weak one star college that bypasses minimum ACT score requirements. What they will fail to tell you is how many of these 211 individuals will actually attend a 4 year college and how many will actually graduate from a college degree in 4 or 5 years.

    This is one of the biggest problems with education. Manipulating statistics to make it look like your school is doing better than another school or better than what it really is. The only statistic that is difficult to manipulate or ACT scores. Let's see how Urban Prep's ACT scores stack up against all the schools across Illinois who didn't have 100% of the senior class accepted to four year schools. Let's see the ACT improvement rate over the next few years.

    Urban Prep's manipulation of one statistic in a weak educational measuring system is nothing but a huge SHAM that only in an lowly and mostly uneducated black community and city could someone get away with this.

  • I have always respected Urban Prep for taking on the daunting task of educating our young men. However, I also find their twisting of statistics to be disturbing.

  • I would be extremely pleased to see 50% of Urban Prep graduates earn a BA within 5 years of high school graduation. In my opinion that would be a real victory. But because of the absurd promises Urban Prep makes to enroll students, in particular that everyone who graduates will also graduate from a 4 year college that organization has painted itself into a box and will not be able to claim victory over a 50% college completion rate. Funders will eventually move on to the next great hope.

    Rod Estvan

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