Texas Vs. Chicago

Former CPS chief Arne Duncan ended the week taking heat for a comment about the state of schools in Texas under Governor Rick Perry that ignored the reality that CPS schools aren’t necessarily any better than the ones Perry oversees. On what should have been a ho-hum Bloomberg TV appearance, Duncan said that the schools have “really struggled” under Perry and that he felt sorry for kids there.  True enough, Texas has gone through lots of budget cuts and has a high dropout rate.  But its NAEP scores among other indicators are higher than CPS.  Click the link and check it out, or tell us if you know Texas schools and can compare them to CPS (favorably or otherwise). Picture via TIME.com



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  • I heard Don Wade, the clueless, discussing this story on the radio. Duncan is easy pickings to point out his ignorance. For political reasons, the conservatives have to defend Perry tooth and nail. The fact is that once you put yourself in the presidential race, one is putting one's life under the microscope. I remember when the GOP hyped the Texas Miracles under Bush and sadly, we learned the hard truth. Let the investigations begin about Texas!

  • Hmmm... Isn't this the same state that our mayor was holding up as one of the standards for education? Wow! Arne sure dropped the ball on old Rahm on this one. It's truly frightening how people say these things without ever really examining the facts. So not only is Texas not doing much better of a job at educating their youth, lets not forget the fact that the majority of charter schools aren't doing much better either! I guess it's okay to make up any old story because you have a whole lot of people who believe anything these guys say.

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