Special Ed Gets Its Own Page

There are some topics, like special ed, that aren’t particularly news-driven but are still incredibly important ongoing issues.  So, as in the past, I’m creating a page especially for SPED issues called SPED Central, and posting a button for it at the top of the page so that you can always find it and post your question, observation, concern, or situation.  Look up and you’ll see it there right below the buttons for how to comment anonymously, get a daily email, follow the blog on a reader, or that Twitter thing.

So now if you are thinking about SPED (or RTI, or OSS, or anything IEP-related) you can post your question or news link on that page.  It will always be there.  Or, if you prefer, you can just look in “Recent Comments” to the right or in the archive of recent posts (to the right, scroll down), or in the categories marked parents or teachers and find a recent post that’s related to your question or comment.  Make sense?

I’m going to create a couple of additional pages like this, so that ongoing issues don’t pass out of view like normal blog posts (and so that particularly important information is gathered on the front page in one easy to find place.  Suggestions for other ongoing topics are most welcome.


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  • there are a bunch of comments and some helpful information back from last spring (2010) when i first created this page --
    check it out here if you feel so inclined (questions about testing SPED kids, due process lawyers, etc.)


  • should i make a magnet / SE schools page, too, or is that not so much of an interest since the policy isn't changing this year?


  • Nah. Most interest on your blog comes from people pissing and moaning about everything that CPS screws up. The Board mostly doesn't screw up the elite schools. (The admissions process is an exception.)

  • Find all that magnet/SE stuff over at cpsobsessed.com.

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