Principals' Meetings With CEdO Team

There’s a Principal Kick-Off Friday at the UIC Forum all day, and the CEdO team of Donoso, Cheatham, & Geering (reminds me of the law firm Dewey Cheatem & How) have apparently been meeting with principals around the city.

Are you going to the event, and have you been at one of the principal meetings?  Who was there, what was said, and what were your impressions of the new teams and questions about what they are up to?  I have a copy of a funky handout that’s apparently from the meetings but I can’t really make heads or tails of it.  Color-coded gobbledygook (but then again I am notoriously distractible).

Also, did you notice I’ve added a Principals and Administrators category to go along with the ones for teachers and parents and CO folks?  You are not forgotten.


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  • speaking of events and UIC there's a 9/13 karen lewis / JCB discussion going on at the Forum, sponsored by the Tribune Forward, and some sort of essay contest too -- check it out here:

  • speaking of principals, here's one with Lakeshore HS's new principal, via cpsobsessed and the roscoe village journal

    anyone else among principals done a back to school interview, new or veteran?

    am assuming they're like pro athletes and rarely say anything besides "we're going to give 110 percent" but i'd be happy to be wrong (well, a little miffed but ok with it)

  • The reason the documentation may not make sense is because not one of the CEdO team is recognized as leader in systematic school reform much less have any real experience leading schools through cycles of improvement. Teachers know they they make it up as they go along. As interim CEO Mazany, stated correctly, we are over assessing our students at the expense of instruction. CEO Brizard needs to do the right thing and cut some of those assessments. Don't worry, Wireless Generation owner millionaire Rupert Murdoch won't suffer with less Chicago taxpayer money.

    All the talk about a "network" and there is no communication system and protocol to "share" and "collaborate". They will spin another lie. These folks work hard on utilizing the latest "BUZZ" words to try to fool the main stream reporters and the public. They don't fool teachers!

    With all the other mandates, how will RTI be supported by our CEdO team in the neediest schools?!?! They won't.

  • At meeting today, per our principal, mayor Rahm drew a line in the sand with 90 minutes to CTU. He said he ran for mayor for a longer school day. Wants it now, wants principals to figure out a way to do it now. he wants merit pay too. he willnever give up and never give in.
    Our principals also shared that Donoso stted taht she did not start school until second grade, and was put into an English only class even though she did not speak English. Got me thinking--look at wehwhere she is today and her doctorate. So why do we have bilingual education? Just put out Spanish speaking students in an English classroom like her--she did quite well!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Please keep you ignorance to yourself! You need to brush up on your English grammar!

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    Sigh. You realize how easy it is to make mistakes when making on-the-spot comments. Look at your first sentence. (Or should I say, "Look at you first sentence?")

    The broader point is that some of us--I for one--appreciate the intelligence in the poster's comment, particularly about Rahm putting the pressure on principals.

    I understand that you may have taken offense at the left-handed or back-handed compliment the writer was trying to pay to Ms. Donoso. Perhaps you should have addressed that, rather than take the tack you did (the upshot of which was the same type of grammar mistake you criticized).

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    first you goof--it is not grammer but a stuck keyboard and my cat. ! Look at the point of it! It is NOT ignorance on my part but yours. The Donoso comment is true--she was immersed in English only at 7 years old-look at her now--her degrees, her salary her success--then there is NO need for bilingual education! It is no compliment-just a ? as to why then are students kept in bilingual ed for 4-5 years?! Rahm also drew a line in the sand. The CTU is done for of they do not get 75%.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Donoso does NOT have the experience nor requirements to hold the office given to her by Brizard.

  • Morgan Park HS now has two candidates in the running for new principal. School's been in session (Track E). Anyone know these folks?

    "Remy Washington, the current assistant principal at MPHS, and Michael Daigler, vice chancellor for development at the City Colleges of Chicago, were selected from a field of three candidates to continue in the principal selection process at MPHS. They will appear at a candidate forum on Sept. 21 that is expected to select the next principal, said LSC and principal selection committee member Peggy Goddard."

  • "...the LSC moved to postpone the forum until Wednesday, Sept. 21, to ensure that both candidates become members of the CPS Principal Eligibility Pool, Goddard said."

  • I do not care about Morgan Park--Principals with talent have withdrawn from their candidate pool or did not bother to apply.
    They have to wait to see if the 2 finalists get on the list says so much right there. The LSC does not know what they are doing and what is worse--they think they do. White parents will not send their kids there. They will never be the Ag school.

  • What factors make Ag School more attractive than MPHS? Anything a new principal at MPHS could address?

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Ethnic and income diversity.
    Ag = 60% low income
    Ag = 53% black, 33% white, 13% hispanic
    MP = 76% low income
    MP = 96% black, 2% white

  • The new prinicipal will not have the chops to do it. That said, Ag is a much better building, much better programs, higher scoring students and a smaller HS population. Ag is integrated and has a reasonable LSC. Ag gets better funding and much better support from
    the Alderman. (Alderman's wife teachers at Ag.) Ags location has less crime and better housing surrounding it. MPHS can never be Ag.

  • "...the LSC moved to postpone the forum until Wednesday, Sept. 21, to ensure that both candidates become members of the CPS Principal Eligibility Pool, Goddard said."

    So they have finalists that aren't eligible? I thought that was rather pooh-poohed upon. Shouldn't be surprised, of course. Nell McKitrick is in so far over her head at OPPD that she will do anything to curry favor with people to justify her position. I know she meets with people that she thinks are important before they go through eligibility....I wonder if she helps them along?

  • AR, must you be such a tourist? Lake View.
    You're worse than carpetbagger talking heads that mispronounce street names.

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