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To Strike, Or Not To

There were somewhat conflicting reports in the news about whether CTU president Karen Lewis was predicting a strike, or merely a strike call, or just saying that teachers were really, really upset.  (Teachers upset enough to ask for strike vote, union chief says Sun Times ‘Very high’ chance of strike by teachers Tribune).  What do you think is... Read more »

Weekend Open Comments

As you can see from this roundup of posts and comments, folks have been talking about Track E attendance, NCLB waivers, the CPS budget proposal hearings (and all things budgety), and a few other things — but what’s on your mind / at your school / in your office? Track E Attendance Is Up? 3 comments NCLB... Read more »

NCLB Waiver Wouldn't Help

So the Obama folks are pushing the idea of giving states a conditional waiver from NCLB’s most onerous provisions — such as the annual AYP reporting requirements that ramp expectations up to 100 percent by 2014. And there are lots of folks — Duncan, state school officers and governors — who are arguing in favor... Read more »

Track E Attendance Is Up?

            AM News includes items about the first-day attendance for Track E, the ongoing debate over the proposed budget, and a few other things.  TGIF! First-day attendance at year-round schools in Chicago up this year Tribune:  Chicago Public Schools officials report that attendance for Track E schools, which began Monday, went up... Read more »

Budget Criticism Grows

AM News:  Lots of coverage of last night’s budget hearings in the news today, plus a handful of other items.  Usually the budget sails through despite everyone’s objections but with the projections SNAFU and the editorial in the Tribune and all the rest do you think that Brizard and Emanuel will be forced into some... Read more »

Reformers' Smear Campaign Could Backfire

How much do Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein, and Geoff Canada get paid for their appearances at various conferences and events, by whom — and where are these payments disclosed to those who are listening and to the public?  How much did Steve Brill get paid to write his book and who was it who first... Read more »

Emanuel Defends $150M Tax Hike

Today’s news includes a lot of coverage of Emanuel defending the proposed CPS budget, a mention that CPS and CTU are talking about a longer day, and a few other items (including a couple of non-school tragedies involving school-age kids). Mayor defends $150M property tax hike to fund Chicago schools: Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he... Read more »

Enrollment Glitch Clouds Budget Scenario

Budget hearings start today and folks are hard at work figuring out whether the proposed budget makes any sense or if it can be changed. In the meantime, some sort of dispute or misunderstanding has arisen between CPS and CTU over enrollment projections.  Apparently CTU is saying that enrollment projections for more than 100 schools are... Read more »

IL Reforms Come In Last

With funding from the Walton Foundation, the pro-reform DC consulting firm Bellwether Partners has taken a look at several states’ teacher quality reforms and rated them.  Not surprisingly (to me, at least), IL’s reform effort gets the lowest rating of the bunch.  Indiana, Colorado, Florida, and Tennessee all come in ahead.  And that’s even before implementation,... Read more »

Longer Day, Mandatory Recess

AM News:  The call for a longer day and the expansion of recess seem to be the top stories of the day, along with questions surrounding the idea of a tax increase to help CPS fill its budget hole.  Check it all out below. Leaders Call for Longer School Day Fox: They hope to convince Jean-Claude Brizard,... Read more »