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Meet Jamiko Rose, New Head Of Family & Engagement

“I am excited and honored to serve in a role that will allow me to actively engage with parents and community members on matters that are vital to our students’ future. I look forward to working with the new leadership team to increase student success in the classroom,” said Jamiko Rose, newly appointed Chief Family and... Read more »

Principals' Meetings With CEdO Team

There’s a Principal Kick-Off Friday at the UIC Forum all day, and the CEdO team of Donoso, Cheatham, & Geering (reminds me of the law firm Dewey Cheatem & How) have apparently been meeting with principals around the city. Are you going to the event, and have you been at one of the principal meetings?... Read more »

Special Ed Gets Its Own Page

There are some topics, like special ed, that aren’t particularly news-driven but are still incredibly important ongoing issues.  So, as in the past, I’m creating a page especially for SPED issues called SPED Central, and posting a button for it at the top of the page so that you can always find it and post... Read more »

Here Comes "The Vallas Group"

Fresh off his stint running the New Orleans school system, Paul Vallas has a shiny new(?) website advertising The Vallas Group. Of particular interest is the leadership team, which lists NACSA’s Greg Richmond, Charleston’s Sue McGinley, Sue Gamm, and a variety of other folks. I’m too lazy to look and see who’s on the client list.... Read more »

Longer Days Could Start January

Today’s news is mostly about the Board meeting yesterday, at which the budget was approved (though still with some uncertain areas) and the Brizard proposal for a longer day/longer year was discussed.  There’s also a great little story from Linda Lutton about the effort to bring dropouts back into the system to get their diplomas.... Read more »

Damon, Duncan, & Obama

So apparently Arne Duncan was desperate to talk to Damon before the SOS event earlier this summer, according to the Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss (citing unnamed sources).  The USDE doesn’t deny extending an invitation.  Obama slammed Damon’s latest movie, The Adjustment Bureau, at the Correspondents Dinner.  Caseclosed.

Budget More Important Than School Day

Today’s news is all about the proposed budget and the proposed extension of the school year for next year, both of which will be discussed if not decided at today’s monthly Board meeting.  Which is more important? My usual take is the thing that’s happening now (the budget) is often more important than the thing... Read more »

Tim King Is WINNING!

Tim King and Urban Prep’s endless self-promotion/ victory lap in the media continues with glowing articles in Crain’s (Chicago) and GQ (national).  I wonder if this makes other reformers and funders cringe or worry or roll their eyes.  Cross-posted from TWIE.

Terminate The Contract?

Today’s news is dominated by the afternoon meeting of the CTU House of Delegates at which there will be discussion over whether to terminate the current contract or not.  Negotiations over changing the contract have stalled out, as you probably know.  What do you think will happen, and what do you think SHOULD happen? Talks... Read more »

A Discussion Page For Every School?

So the New York Times and the local NPR station there (WNYC) are collaborating to start a new schools site called SchoolBook and one of its main features is having a discussion page for every school — public and private — so that folks can talk about what’s happening there throughout the year.  It’s an... Read more »