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Advice For The New Year

What was the best advice you were ever given (or wish you’d been given) about working in / being a parent in CPS?  They’re sharing advice for parents and kids over at Zorn’s blog — see examples below — but I wondered what you all would have to add, especially about the realities of the... Read more »

Whatever Happened To Pulaski?

One the most interesting and contentious issues discussed on this site was the debate over Pulaski Elementary, where as you may recall two years ago the community was going through massive gentrification process and new parents were putting pressure on the current parents and teachers there (What’s Going On At Bucktown’s Pulaski Elementary? August 2009 and... Read more »

Charter Conversions, Contract Waivers?

Today’s news seems to have disappeared into the Internet somewhere – sorry! — but you’re not missing much — Brizard gave a presentation at the City Club that echoed much of what you already read in that PowerPoint from a couple of days ago (see below), the Wendell Smith LSC is considering converting to a... Read more »

Tuesday Morning CPS News

Today’s school news is all over the place — a little bit Brizard, a little bit TIF.  But there’s a lively debate going on below about the extended day / pay proposal and I posted a big PowerPoint last night about what CPS says it’s doing this coming year. Chicago superintendent sailing into rough waters Chicago... Read more »

The Year Ahead, According To CPS

Here’s a bootleg copy of the massive 178-page presentation made to principals on Friday, passed along by a friend of the site who thinks that what CPS does should be transparent.  Agreed.  Take a look and let us know if you see anything new (or describe how it was presented or received at your table if... Read more »

Getting Ready For Day One

Today’s education news is that, well, there is no news (that I can find).  Some clips below, but it seems like we’re in some sort of pause.  What’re you doing with you last days before school starts?  Seen your classroom yet?  Know what grade you’re going to teach / who your kid’s teacher is going... Read more »

1987 All Over Again? No.

The Tribune’s Joel Hood draws comparisons between this summer and the one all those years ago leading up to the 1987 strike, and it’s fun to consider but I’m not convinced.  How about you? Is there going to be a big strike this year?  Do you think there should be?

Back To School Memories & Pics

The Chicago Reader asked a bunch of local / alt weekly luminaries including Dan “It Gets Better” Savage (pictured) and CTU president Karen Lewis to reflect on their childhood memories of high school (Back to School).  Who cares about them, though — what I want to know is what you, my educationista friends, remember best... Read more »

Meet Oliver Sicat, New Portfolio Chief

He’s the guy from Noble Street talking to Emanuel. “I believe that CEO Brizard and his team are going to make progressive decisions in the best interest of our students. I am honored to be a part of their team in helping make a positive multigenerational change for the students and families of Chicago,” said... Read more »

Union Rejects Pay / Day Proposal

Today’s big news seems to be the rejection of the 2 percent / 90 minute / 2 week proposal for elementary schools starting in January from the Board. Did CTU decide on its own or have to put the proposal before the HOD or to a vote?  Apparently not.  Does the Board have the money... Read more »