Meet Oliver Sicat, New Portfolio Chief

He’s the guy from Noble Street talking to Emanuel.

“I believe that CEO Brizard and his team are going to make progressive decisions in the best interest of our students. I am honored to be a part of their team in helping make a positive multigenerational change for the students and families of Chicago,” said Oliver Sicat, newly appointed Chief Portfolio Officer. Oliver is currently the founding principal of UIC College Prep – Noble Street Charter School since 2008. In 2011, the first year their juniors took the ACT exam, UIC College Prep became the highest performing non-selective school in Chicago.  Sicat was a math teacher in Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. Oliver was named Teacher of the Year-Boston 2006, and in 2001 founded a successful and nationally recognized non-profit organization, Emagine, to help under-resourced students successfully prepare and enroll into college. He holds a B.S from the University of Southern California and an Ed.M from Harvard.

Via CPS.  Whaddya think?


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  • Mixed feelings here.

    There's a YouTube video that shows him as a simply phenomenal teacher. His students call him their hero.

    OTOH, doesn't he realize that part of his job is closing the neighborhood schools? He should expect a lot of blowback.

  • I have met Oliver a few different times, and from what I know or could ascertain about him, he seemed awesome. He is definitely an advocate for students, a hard worker, and ran a great school at UIC. Only good things to say here.

  • The question is how will he operate within a totally dysfunctional structure lacking real school experience and genuine leadership. Will Mr. Sicat just mandate from the gilded cage on Clark St?

  • Mr. Sicat is exactly what CPS needs to succeed in their mission! I think he's going to make a difference to Chicago schools, he's a true leader like previously mentioned "a hard worker!" That's what Chicago needs teachers and staff members that are hard working people!

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