Home Visits... Or Longer Day?

This morning’s news includes a Tribune look at schools and networks that do home visits, which has me wondering which would you rather have or do: home visits or a longer school day?  Both involve extra time for teachers (and kids), but obviously a very different kind of time.  Nobody’s seriously suggesting that it’s an either or kind of thing — they seem to be proceeding on different tracks.  But I’m curious about what parents, administrators, and of course teachers would say.  Plus the rest of the news:

Teachers who do home visits say it helps their students Tribune:  Some charter schools and a few teachers at neighborhood schools visit student homes every year, trying to engage parents and cementing relationships with them.  PLUS:  Should teachers visit student homes? Washington Post:  As Chicago schools chief Brizard said of parents’ homes: “Our students go there every day. Why can’t we?”

Emanuel dismisses using TIF funds to close CPS budget deficit Tribune:  “The TIFs are one time,” he said. “They don’t solve the problem. They don’t deal with the problem. Next year, we’d be back at it like Groundhog Day.”

AUSL announces replacement for David Vitale, board president for Chicago Public Schools Tribune:  He will be replaced by John Cook, who is a board member of AUSL and director emeritus of McKinsey & Co. Cook also serves on the boards of Brown-Forman, Winona Capital Management and the dean’s advisory board of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Cops: Gang members arrested after scuffling with officers near school Sun Times:  Three gang members were arrested near an elementary school in Summit after one of them struggled with officers and another one placed his hand under his shirt and told them, “I’ll kill you,” according to authorities.

Chicago teen dies in shooting, but doctors deliver son in critical condition Tribune:  She was a “model student,” said the school’s principal, Gwen Rollins. Jefferson’s grades and attitude had improved in her four years at the school, and she was on track to be reintegrated into ChicagoPublic Schools, Rollins said.

Summer slumber gives way to classroom routine Sun Times (Dan Moran):  The concept is growing in Chicago — 247 different schools are on a year-round schedule for the 2011-12 academic year, which is up from 192 in 2010-11, 132 in 2009-10 and 42 in 2008-09. Resistance appears to be futile

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