1987 All Over Again? No.

The Tribune’s Joel Hood draws comparisons between this summer and the one all those years ago leading up to the 1987 strike, and it’s fun to consider but I’m not convinced.  How about you? Is there going to be a big strike this year?  Do you think there should be?


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  • Teachers should show backbone and strike!

  • An informal survey at our school concerning the 90 minutes instruction plus recess with a two week extension of the school year for 2% increase in salary (which would actually be a loss of pay after increases in medical insurance) shows ALL of our teachers would be willing to strike...for a long duration....

  • The young teachers at my school have their child care arrangements worked out for the school year. An additional 90 minutes (plus more time due to rush hour) will cost them about $20.00 a day. Two teachers who travel from the north side to the south side say they will have to transfer because they will not make it to the day care by six o clock during inclement weather. This is such short notice but typical of CPS.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Well, fortunately for you, CPS cannot mandate the longer school day this year unless your teachers approve a waiver of the contract. If your principal makes the proposal for such a waiver, be sure to vote 'No.'

  • I can't believe they didn't speak with a union official past or present. Not even a teacher that participated. Some veteran teachers that did participate in the '87 strike say the story has inaccuracies. Another ace piece of reporting Chicago Unionbuster...I mean Chicago Tribune.

  • I was on the 87 strike line--we were united and we won--Yes I had a mortgage, but I made it and yes, we had to make up the days, but no one kept pushing us around, drawing lines in the sand and telling us how bad we are. The Board listened with both ears because of that strike. Rahm has to learn (If he can) to listen with both ears and stop crossing his fingers behind his back.

  • ah the old pershing road--CPS put $11M in it and moved out to make the mayor happy where CPS spent loads of $$$$ to get 125 (ComEd) ready. Then Vallas gave the 3 buildings at pershing for $1.
    And Daley gets $500k a year from UC. What a golden boy.

  • lewis says no strike, according to this CNC story


  • I walked the picket line as a teacher in 1987.

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