Track E Starts August 8

A kind commenter reminds us that Track E schools start not too far from now — August 8 — and  teachers report even sooner (on Wednesday, I think).  There’s a lot of uncertainty (and excitement) surrounding the start of the new year.  What are you doing with your last days of freedom (or servitude, if you’re a parent), and what is (or might be) different this coming year?


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  • For the majority of my summer vacay, I was retooling my units to match the Understanding by Design concept. Now, I am using those units to create my daily lesson plans. I am hoping to have all of August and September covered so that during my preps I can work on the rest. I am also beginning to put together materials to help me as I embark on National Board certification.
    Monday, the first, is the teachers first day back, so I am also buying and putting together the materials I need for my classroom. I have put up a DonorsChoose grant for classification folders to help streamline my filing process. I purchased three-prong folders for each one of my students (55 at last count). I purchased and am waiting for the binder pouches filled with two pencils, an eraser, and a ruler from To this I will add a puzzle piece eraser because my students are all a part of the interlocking puzzle that is our classroom, (the plain eraser is for erasing mistakes that we all make, the pencil is to write our future,the ruler is to measure our success) a package of Smarties because we are all smart, and two Hershey kisses because they are loved. I am hoping that all of this inspires them to do well in my classroom. The pouches go into their class folder so they will always be prepared!
    Then, I have to print out all the assessments that I have the students complete the first week:
    Multiple Intelligence Test
    Reading Interest/Attitude Survey
    Timed Writing
    Timed Reading, etc, etc...
    By the way, for what it is worth, I teach in a high school.

    Wait a minute...I thought I wasn't supposed to be working during the summer. Hey...that's not right.

  • Dear Judgejury81,
    Wish you were a teacher coming back to my school. Have a great school year.

  • I believe it will be a great year! I will also be going through the National Board process this year. I can't wait! And, who knows, maybe I am coming back to your school. LOL :)

  • Dear Judgejury81,
    Wish you were a teacher at my school. Have a great school year.

  • I work at a Track E school, and our summer was only 5 1/2 weeks, so the best thing I can do for my students is to be rested up, relaxed , and motivated for a great school year. The whole point of year-round schools is to give you shorter breaks but more frequently, to avoid student and teacher burnout and keep performance at its best. Now I can go back next week ready to do my best !

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