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Female Custodian Sues Principal

Here’s that story I was telling you about yesterday in comments, plus some other legal and related news including the NPR story about a Youth Connections kid and some back to school coverage.  Back to school?  Back to school. Janitor Can Sue Chicago Schools for Retaliation Courthouse News:  The 7th Circuit revived a retaliation lawsuit... Read more »

Let's Talk About Emanuel

Everybody still seems to want to talk about Emanuel’s private school choice — why he chose Lab instead of Parker or Latin (or Ravenswood or Payton), how his kids got clouted to the front of the waiting list, whether it matters that he’s sending his kids to private schools not parochial ones, and of course... Read more »

Principal Made Dumpster Diver

Did Brizard do right in making the principal at Northwest retrieve the dumped supplies, or did he go too far? Does anyone know whether the principal complied, or filed suit, or whether the Area Officer or LSC cares? Brizard Reacts to Dumped School Supplies Fox: he head of Chicago’s public schools said he was angered... Read more »

Will More Cameras Help?

So they’re talking about installing more cameras in CPS this year.  What do you think?  Do they make a difference, or are they a waste of money, or does it depend where they’re installed and how they’re used?  And other news: Cameras planned for 14 more Chicago high schools Belleville News Democrat: CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard... Read more »

Dropout Series Starts In Chicago

Over the past several months, Claudio Sanchez – NPR’s longtime national education reporter – has been hard at work assembling a set of stories about dropouts that’s going to run all week. The first segment, airing this morning, focuses on a Chicago youth involved with Youth Connections. As long a project as he’s ever worked on,... Read more »

Site Improvement Update

Good news from ChicagoNow — comments are now chronological and threaded like they used to be, which means that they read from top to bottom and that you can respond to a particular comment rather than just adding yours to the end of the pile.  They’re still working on “recent comments” and a few other... Read more »

Watch Emanuel Get Huffy

Here’s the NBC video of Emanuel getting snippy over questions about where he’s sending his kids to school: The story has made national news including CNN, and is being compared to NJ governor Chris Christie’s recent ranting response to an on-air question about where he sends his kids to school (parochial).

Brizard's TeacherFit Reversal

As readers here knew last night, Brizard abruptly reversed course and declared that TeacherFit results would be discretionary information for principals not make or break scores.  This is either a welcome indication of flexibility on the part of Brizard’s team or a worrisome show of course-changing. And other news: CPS reverses course on controversial teacher... Read more »

The Michael Scott Mystery

Chicago Magazine’s David Bernstein takes a long look at the circumstances surrounding Michael Scott’s mysterious death nearly two years ago and the attempts to come to terms with what happened since then (including a sidebar about the conspiracy theories).  There’s nothing conclusive, or you’d have already heard about the piece.  But it’s interesting, and sad,... Read more »

TeacherFit Makes The News*

*UPDATE:  As of 7:00 pm see in comments that Brizard has told principals to make TeacherFit discretionary. The Tribune, Sun Times, and Catalyst all weigh in with catch-up coverage of the TeacherFit mini-scandal — filling in some new information about where the program comes from, why it’s being used, what it cost, etc: Critics: CPS... Read more »