Just 50 On "No Hire" List

From the way people talk about it I assumed the DNH list was affecting hundreds if not thousands of teachers around town — they’re protesting it at today’s board meeting — but according to one of the stories in today’s morning news roundup the grand total of folks who have been DNH’d is just 50.  Seriously?  And other news:

Union challenges CPS’ Do Not Hire list Catalyst: At the end of the 2010-11 school year, about 50 non-tenured teachers landed on the list after either failing two times to have their contract renewed or receiving an unsatisfactory evaluation.

Emanuel cuts stipends to board members: Mayor Rahm Emanuel has cut the stipends for two city boards and commissions and is ordering a review of what other appointees get paid.

Unions Respond to Emanuel Layoff Threat in Report: Leaders of city employee unions responded Tuesday to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s layoff and privatization plans by pointing out many ways that they say city officials could save almost $250 million without sacrificing the jobs of their members.

iPad may experience boost in sales as schools reopen Mobile bloom News: The CPS director of technology, John Connolly, said that the iPad has received the best reviews of all the tablets available in the market today.



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  • It does not say there are only 50 teachers on the DNH list: it said 50 were added to that list this year during the non renewal process. How many are on frpm previous years?

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    Yeah, strange way to read this issue. Isn't even one more than is just? So you minimize the number and minimize the impact on the individual. Evil triumphs when good do nothing, yo.

  • Actually, I'm more surprised there were less than 50 people with unsatisfactory efficiency ratings. Weren't there reports that both central and area offices were urging principals to identify teachers as unsatisfactory? Maybe there's not as many "bad" teachers out there as the public thinks.

    Still, I'm opposed to a DNH list for anything other than criminal convictions.

  • The DNH list is nothing compared to principals who will bad-mouth employees who seek other employment in the CPS system. If you work for a dysfunctional/unethical/inept principal, it is virtually impossible to move to another CPS school. The willingness to believe that all CPS principals are equally excellent is a falsehood that is causing hundreds of high-quality teachers from the system.

  • A tempest in a teapot.

    What kind of dysfunctional organization fires people because they are not good employees and then rehires them? And what kind of person thinks they can fail at a job and have some right to be rehired to the same organization?

    This explains alot about the dysfunction in public education. Crazy nonsense.

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    Alexander: Could you please issue a correction or an edit on this post? It's blatantly inaccurate--the article you cite merely says that "about 50 teachers landed on the list" after the 2010-2011 school year. In fact, a simple understanding of the procedure placing people on the DNH list would allow you to see that there must be many more on the list.

    Furthermore, the lack of interest in the fact that students are being denied outstanding teachers due to an arbitrary policy is puzzling. Non-renewal is not equal to lack of competency. In fact, nearly everyone has been non-renewed at some point including many teachers recognized for their merit. This idea that in a time where everyone agrees that teacher talent is vital to improving schools that our only tool is teacher firing and there is no regard to retention or respectful treatment of great teaching is exactly why we are in the mess we are in. Please don't exacerbate the problem by twisting reality with false, sensationalist headlining.

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