Edelman Father Walks Off Colbert

Maybe the Edelman men should just avoid cameras for a while. Last night on the Colbert Report (video below) renowned anti-poverty advocate Peter Edleman (father of Jonah) seemed unwilling or unprepared to do battle with the host, who pestered him with questions suggesting that the poor aren’t really poor and ended by asking:  “Did you bring any poor people with you? I was hoping this was going to be one of those Jack Hannah segments where bring me a baby poor for me to hold.”  It was pretty intense stuff, though not all that unusual for Colbert. Edelman seemed miffed and walked offstage immediately upon the conclusion of the segment despite Colbert’s encouragement to stay with him.

“Poor” in America – Peter Edelman



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  • I have no idea why anyone would ever appear on that show if they were serious about anything? It is completely pointless.

  • Hahaha. Cute. Peter Edelman was just a foil for Colbert. I would like to know Peter's take on the current "reforms" of the Obama admin (and his sons!). Anybody know?

  • It has been shared with me many times that people in public housing are not poor. I was told that poor is like having swollen stomachs like the children in some parts of Africa who also have flies landing on their faces as they become weak from starvation. In Chicago the so called poor have link cards, drive in vehicles, eat better than many of the so called middle class. They shop in the fresh seafood section and even the fresh deli section of the stores and buy the $6 fruit cocktail instead of the cheap brands aluminum cans. Many eat fresh produce on a daily basis along with steak and other goodies. They also live in new housing with new appliances and even air conditioning and also receive free breakfast & lunch at school. Need I go on. For some, everyday is a vacation at the expense of taxpayers. Our poor aren't really poor, are they?????????????

  • The poor in CHA also get free cell phones and subsidized air conditioning. This was just told to me by a 90 year old senior citizen that says she is being squeezed financially just like the middle class in order for CHA residents to live better than she does!

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    I agree. My neighbor has a 2,000 sq ft apartment to herself with 12 foot ceilings, central heat and air plus skylights and both enclosed and open porches. She drives a recent model Cadillac, eats at Gibson's Steakhouse literally every night, has omelets brought to her in bed each morning by her maid, lunchtime snacks at Fox & Obel, and she wears fur coats, diamond rings, and the best wigs available. Those damn poor people!

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