Donoso = Eason-Watkins?

Meet Noemi Donoso, the new Chief Education Officer for CPS who’s effectively replacing Barbara Eason-Watkins, the principal-turned-CAO under Duncan and (sorta) Huberman. She’s got big shoes to fill. Is she up to it?  Nobody’s entirely sure yet.  She made a brief appearance during yesterday’s rollout of the new org chart but has generally kept to the background. Formerly Chief of Innovation and Reform in Denver for about a year (see coverage of her appointmen there and departure here) Donoso was in LA and NYC before that. She was announced in May along with the rest of the Brizard team.  The 39 year old married mom was profiled glowingly by CNC (it’s a journalistic tradition called a “beat sweetener”) and featured in this CNC/NYT article about extended school days.  Under the new CPS org chart, she’ll have an “expanded role” in curriculum and PD for principals and teachers, with a specific focus on principals and integrating curriculum throughout K-12. Area offices (now called “networks”) report to her. It could work, but she’s relatively inexperienced, will have to deal with extra friction because of her charter school background, and — perhaps most important — is, unlike previous CAOs, working for someone with an education background.  So it remains to be seen just how she’ll do and how the job will work.  First impressions?  Early sightings?  Emails to principals or area offices?  You know what to do.  Meantime, here’s the org chart and PowerPoint presentation (PDF) from this morning. Image via CNC.


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  • Just curious did they announce which CAO's will remain to run the "networks". I sure hope that they make the individuals running the networks more accountable for their jobs. The coaches in Area 16 never came to our school once in the last year and the previous year they only came once. We are one of the worst schools in the area. YOu would think that they would want to support us and not leave us alone.

  • Does anyone know 1) Who heads each area/network and 2) Which schools are under each area/network? Also, does Area 54 (AMPS) still exist?

  • Privatization hack.

  • The new Chief of Schools (COS's) must have been a principal before. Although CPS now budgets for 24 CAO's, only 16 people hold those positons because of unfilled vacancies. Half of these 16 will stay in their jobs, with the new titles and network structure.

  • Just by fact that there now is a Chief of Instruction Officer and a Chief of Leadership Officer, shows that Ms. Donoso is a figurehead.
    I cringe at how many afterschool dollars are lost on these positions. Why have a Chief Education Officer? The CEdO should be both chiefs rolled into one. BEW was.

  • That is not true. Under BEW, the equivalent to the Chief of Instruction was Javier Botana. And BEW was not a figurehead. Also, the Chief of Leadership Development is what used to be OPPD and the newer office of Leadership Development and Support. Get your facts straight. Neither of these are newly budgeted positions. Just new names.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    "Just new names." and my I confidently add, 'With the same results... "

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    SFP is correct--Botana was long gone and BEW took on this responsibility. There is also ANOTHER chief in the new confuguration under Denoso. It is a shell game and you believe it anon. Denoso cannot do it herself since she is a light weight. Her emails get corrected. You will find the Brizard will do ALL the talking other than because he is CEO. watch.
    How many after school programs go unfunded with 3 chiefs under 'education'?

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