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Watch Brizard "Town Hall"

Thanks to a very kind reader here’s a link to the Brizard “Town Hall” from Wednesday morning, during which he laid out the new central office org chart and the collaboratives and networks.  [Remember to hit “play” in the upper left hand corner to get things started.] There’s also a letter that goes along with... Read more »

Weighing Brizard's Proposals

This morning’s news includes stories about expanding magnet and all-day kindergarten programs, whether the new disciplinary and community engagement policies will work, and the new curfew, among other things.  Check it out and let me know what I missed or what’s important. CPS chief promises more magnet, all-day kindergarten programs Sun Times: The magnet schools... Read more »

Track E Starts August 8

A kind commenter reminds us that Track E schools start not too far from now — August 8 — and  teachers report even sooner (on Wednesday, I think).  There’s a lot of uncertainty (and excitement) surrounding the start of the new year.  What are you doing with your last days of freedom (or servitude, if... Read more »

A Cheating Epidemic?

Last week Slate magazine ran an article claiming that cheating was increasingly widespread, directly attributable to NCLB, and an obvious example of how the system needed to be fixed.  In response, I wrote a Huffington Post column asserting that there was no real evidence of a cheating epidemic, that the pressures of NCLB were being... Read more »

Brizard Unveils "New" Structure

AM News:  More details about the new CPS reorganization are trickling out, as well as coverage of discipline and other policy changes out of yesterday’s Board meeting. I’m not sure how you add four more cabinet positions without increasing the size of the senior staff, or if the reorganization makes sense at the central office... Read more »

Donoso = Eason-Watkins?

Meet Noemi Donoso, the new Chief Education Officer for CPS who’s effectively replacing Barbara Eason-Watkins, the principal-turned-CAO under Duncan and (sorta) Huberman. She’s got big shoes to fill. Is she up to it?  Nobody’s entirely sure yet.  She made a brief appearance during yesterday’s rollout of the new org chart but has generally kept to... Read more »

Edelman Father Walks Off Colbert

Maybe the Edelman men should just avoid cameras for a while. Last night on the Colbert Report (video below) renowned anti-poverty advocate Peter Edleman (father of Jonah) seemed unwilling or unprepared to do battle with the host, who pestered him with questions suggesting that the poor aren’t really poor and ended by asking:  “Did you... Read more »

Just 50 On "No Hire" List

From the way people talk about it I assumed the DNH list was affecting hundreds if not thousands of teachers around town — they’re protesting it at today’s board meeting — but according to one of the stories in today’s morning news roundup the grand total of folks who have been DNH’d is just 50.... Read more »

July Board Meeting

There’s lots going on at the July board meeting, including a “DNH” protest.  Also, Brizard COS Andrea Saenz and the senior staff are giving a 9 am mandatory webinar presentation of the “Central and Area Office Redesign.” (Rumor has it that Coates, Esparza, and Ortega are out.  Anyone else?)  Oh, and there’s also the official agenda (PDF)... Read more »

Another Year With FirstClass

I’m getting angry emails from folks telling me that CPS is going to go with the much-loathed FirstClass email system for another year, despite the need for (and apparent availability of) free Google versions of the same services.  Here’s what’s purported to be an email from the folks at IT about the situation: From: Information... Read more »