Explaining The New Blog Image

The new blog image is a close-up of the Board of Education / City of Chicago logo in the Board meeting room.  It includes some wreathes around the edges and a torch (of knowledge?) held up by the hand of a man who seems to be wearing a suit and dress shirt.  I got the image off the Tribune website — it’s dated 2001 — and as you can see from the second image it is from the first Michael Scott era.  Anyone know what the blue ribbon hanging from the bottom is, or if they even use this logo in the Board room any more?  Oh, and we shortened the blog title to District 299 The Inside Scoop On CPS.  (It used to be District 299 The Chicago Public Schools Blog (The unofficial inside scoop).


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  • cool...retro....BUT teachers will think you're a Member of the Teacher Haters group downtown with this symbol. Teachers won't give you information. Please consider changing.

  • Where is the hand of a woman to also hold this torch? (21C y'all.)
    By adding the women's hand, this logo would have the classic 'Y' shape; the historical symbol of Chicago. Ms. Pritzker, on behalf of women working this great city and as the majority in CPS, will you head the committee to add this? The small expense would worth it.

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