Site News: A Summer Haircut For D299

image from chicagonow.beta.tribapps.comStarting sometime tomorrow night there are going to be a few hiccups, just to let you know.  I’ll do my best to make things smooth and keep up the updates, but ChicagoNow is moving to a different software system, and well you know how those things usually go.  It’s not supposed to be any bother to readers, but it usually is.  

Good news is that it should be a faster, easier blog to comment on in the long run.  Short run, I hope you’ll bear with me.  Questions or concerns, let me know in comments or at district299 at gmail com.  Thanks!

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  • Alexander, oh no!

  • And while you're at it, lose the hipster goatee...

  • In reply to mrobertson718:

    I think a more up to date picture is needed.

  • In reply to ladyfair:

    Right. Then we'll find out Alexander is really John Kass.

  • In reply to ladyfair:

    word is that the site is going to be "frozen" until tomorrow lunchtime - no updates, no comments. sorry! email me at or @district299 on twitter between now and then.

    the goatee / van dyke has been replaced by a bushy mountain man beard, you might be happy to know.but it won't be part of the new logo / banner.

  • In reply to ladyfair:

    but of course you can keep commenting until they actually lock us out...

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