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Explaining The New Blog Image

The new blog image is a close-up of the Board of Education / City of Chicago logo in the Board meeting room.  It includes some wreathes around the edges and a torch (of knowledge?) held up by the hand of a man who seems to be wearing a suit and dress shirt.  I got the... Read more »

Turning Kids Into Groupon Writers

They’re teaching schoolkids to write Groupon ads according to this story in Vator News.  The fact that it’s for the tutoring program 826CHI only makes it somewhat OK.   But that’s just me.

Have Whittier Parents Won?

They’ve won for now, and showed what an organized effort can do — but have they won for long, and what exactly are they getting (besides a degree of respect)?  A roundup of the coverage:  In Pilsen, activists succeed in stopping construction of library they fought for: Pilsen parents who once staged a 43-day sit-in to... Read more »

AM News: Welcome To The "New" D299

Here’s some recent news — mostly just to see if this new blog works: Maggie Daley’s After School Matters programs turns 20:  What started as a summer arts program now gives 20,000 Chicago public high school students a chance to find their passion. Rahm Emanuel: 625 city worker layoffs if union won’t accept reforms: Mayor Rahm... Read more »

Update: Site Frozen Until Tomorrow

Mr. Freeze says that the site is going to be frozen until tomorrow around lunchtime, with no posts from me or comments from you.  Eeek!  What will we do with ourselves?  Hang tight, gather your thoughts offline, and we’ll be back soon.  When you come back, you’ll be able to do all sorts of fun... Read more »

Budgets: Get Rid Of "Nonattendance" Days?

Yesterday we discussed how much — and what — to cut from the central office budget.  Today let’s talk about the 23 nonattendance days in Chicago’s school year.  Cutting some of them seems to be what C Brizard wants to do: “I’m not sure what happens in those 23 days the kids are not there,... Read more »

AM News: Third Back Of Yards Teen Killed

3rd teen in month killed in Back of Yards Tribune: Clark was an 11th-grade student at Kelly High School this past school year, said Frank Shuftan, a spokesman for the Chicago Public Schools.  Teen killed in S. Side shooting in ‘safer’ neighborhood: Kristopher Clark usually spent the summer at his grandparents’ house–not too far from his mother’s in Back... Read more »

Site News: A Summer Haircut For D299

Starting sometime tomorrow night there are going to be a few hiccups, just to let you know.  I’ll do my best to make things smooth and keep up the updates, but ChicagoNow is moving to a different software system, and well you know how those things usually go.  It’s not supposed to be any bother... Read more »

Budget: Could Central Office Be Cut 40 Percent?

Teacher Sophia Du Brul writes that it’s central office spending — all $1.6 billion a year of it — that is the real problem, not teacher salaries or school-level spending (CPS teachers really getting ‘the shaft’).  She says that cutting just 40 percent of that spending, which makes up 43 percent of the CPS budget,... Read more »

Marhsall Vs. Austin: Who Covered It Better?

Stephanie Banchero’s big story on the turnaround effort at Marshall High went live over the weekend (School Reform, Chicago Style) full of pics and graphs and charts as well as words.  At roughly the same time, CNC’s latest on Austin Polytechnic is up online and in the NYT (Troubled West Side School Celebrates a Milestone)... Read more »