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Washington: Hearings There, Meetings Here

The Republican-controlled House education committee is holding a hearing at 11 am today on charter schools that will feature Beth Purvis as a key witness.  See below for details and link to the live webstream.  Let us know what you think if you end up watching it. Next week, Washington will come to Chicago in... Read more »

Video: Anti-TFA Rap On HBO Show "Treme"

Here’s video of the “TFA Rap” that was in a recent episode of HBO’s Treme, the follow-up show to The Wire, and a link to the lyrics and dialogue. What do you think?  Fair, or unfair?  

AM News: Teachers Average $61K Incl. Benefits

Some Illinois public school teachers earning six-figure salaries Sun Times: The average elementary teacher made $61,140 — including all benefits, summer school pay, after-school stipends and retirement payouts… Lack of budget info creating problems at CPS Tribune: As the new Chicago Public Schools leadership knuckles down to finalize a budget in the coming days, the lack of details on how they... Read more »

Update: What Next For "The Fund"?

The Chicago Public Education Fund is going through a big transition now, looking for a new executive director on the heels of Janet Knupp’s departure and switching Board chairs as Penny Pritzker moves to the Chicago Board of Education.  It’s also had to evolve over the years with the arrival of the Renaissance Fund and... Read more »

Advanced Placement: Hype Or Hope?

More and more CPS kids are enrolled in AP classes, notes this Medill Reports story, and roughly a third of those who take the test get a 3 or better. But lots of kids take the class but don’t pass it or don’t take the tests — my guess is that the gap is more... Read more »

AM News: Brizard Begins w/ Guggenheim Tour

Emanuel and Brizard Kick Off School Visit Series CNC:  On his first official day running the CPS, Jean-Claude Brizard visit Guggenheim Elementary School in Englewood alongside his boss, Mayor Rahm Emanuel… Brizard kicks off listening tour at Englewood school: About 70 schools in CPS are like Guggenheim with less than 300 students–the population at which experts say schools... Read more »

Update: Agreement On Reform "Fixes"

Update:  Agreement On Reform "Fixes"
Legislators address teachers union objections to bill on strike rights, tenure:  A favorable vote (30 voting “yes”) in the Senate would send the bill back to the House for a vote to concur with amendments adopted in the Senate…Sweeping School Reform Bill Moves Forward: The changes approved Wednesday clarify that only the union’s 26,000 dues-paying... Read more »

AM News: Board Meeting Brouhaha

Brizard appointed, starts school visits:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new board of education will take up his permanent contract next month… CPS CEO Approved Without Contract: Jean-Claude Brizard, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s choice for CEO of Chicago Public Schools, won formal approval Wednesday… Brizard Set to Earn $250,000 Running CPS: Though the meeting was dominated by well... Read more »

Turnarounds: Making A Difference At Marshall HS?

If you judged the turnaround effort at Marshall High by numbers alone you’d probably think this first-year effort was a failure. But some of the stats may be the result of better recordkeeping and stricter adherence to the rules, and this recent Chicago Tribune story suggests that adults creating firm but fair relationships with kids and... Read more »

Downtown: The May Board Meeting

Here’s the official agenda for today’s board meeting, which includes notable items such as a new ethics policy, and the usual stuff (resolutions, charter renewals, boundary changes). Anything else of note?  I’ll add more information as updates come in, or if you’re there or hearing about what’s happening in real time let us know in... Read more »