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Media: CNC, WBEZ Focus On Turnarounds

It’s not fair of me to note the media fascination with turnarounds having just written a book about one but today’s news includes two such stories:  School on Probation Faces a Struggle CNC:  The challenges faced by Polytech are common to hundreds of Chicago schools when they struggle to get off probation… Interactive Map: Where Chicago Schools... Read more »

AM News: Brizard Nomination Vs. Senate Bill 7

Former Rochester Mayor Defends Brizard:  Jean-Claude Brizard’s political foes in Rochester, N.Y., have painted a false picture of him… Grad Rates for New CPS Chief Don’t Add Up CNC:  When Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel introduced Jean-Claude Brizard as his new schools CEO, he touted Brizard’s success in improving graduation rates in Rochester, N.Y., but a review of the... Read more »

Magazines: School Teasing Forged Obama Cool

Magazines:  School Teasing Forged Obama Cool
“Westerners sent their children to the Jakarta International School, but it was expensive and difficult to get into. Obama attended two Indonesian schools, one Catholic and one Muslim. The experience cannot have failed to have left a mark. The Java¬≠nese, especially the Central Javanese, place an enormous emphasis on self-control. Even to sneeze was to exhibit... Read more »

AM News: Emanuel Defends Brizard Pick

Chicago schools appointee from NY promises fixes WSJ:  On Wednesday, Emanuel defended picking Brizard because improvements are needed in graduation rates, test scores and the district’s finances… Emanuel talks crime, schools during Tribune interview Tribune: He lauded last week’s 59-0  vote on education reform that would allow the district to increase the length of the school day and... Read more »

People: Reformers' Private School Backgrounds

The New York Times’ education columnist Michael Winerip wrote a column for the paper on Monday noting that several of the most prominent so-called reformers — Obama, Duncan, Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates, Davis Guggenheim — have private school backgrounds.  Others — Joel Klein, Wendy Kopp — don’t. Reformers responded with outrage and indignation, generally noting... Read more »

AM News: Reactions To New Education Team

CPS CEO pick threatened with lawsuit for leaving ABC7:  There’s little doubt Rahm Emanuel’s choice to lead the CPS is leaving some burnt bridges in his wake… Editorial: For students’ sake, get on the same page Sun Times:  No one in this city should be confused about where Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel wants to take the CPS… Our kind of... Read more »

Springfield: Reform --Or Reform "Lite"?

Longtime readers know that there’s nothing that makes me more suspicious than everyone claiming to get along and that victory has been achieved.  And, well, there’s been an awful lot of self-congratulation and adulatory press coverage surrounding the state senate’s 59-0 approval of a reform package last week. Everyone worked so long and negotiated so... Read more »

Media: Good Brizard, Bad Brizard

There’s lots of coverage of Brizard’s appointment in the national media, some of it better than others. This bit from the Huffington Post captures some of Brizard’s duality: New Chief Offers Two Different School Leadership Models On the one hand, he’s a former principal with masters’ degrees in school administration and science education. On the other hand,... Read more »

AM News: Who Got [Principal] Picked?

Principal picks’ letters go out to high school applicants Tribune: On Friday, Chicago Public Schools sent out acceptance letters for “principal picks,” a program by which students who didn’t make the academic cut for the city’s nine selective enrollment high schools can apply again based on their talents… Golden Apple Scholar finds a way out of Cabrini-Green Tribune:  Haley will... Read more »

Schools: Norwood Vs. "Friends Of Norwood"

“Norwood Park Principal Joe Kallas recently stood before a room full of parents and warned that the school needs to raise at least $125,000 by the fall.But Kallas didn’t mention that the nonprofit charity [Norwood Park School Education Foundation] that had supported the school since 2005, and to which many parents in the audience had... Read more »