AM News: $100K Pensions, Druggie Board Prez

image from$100000+ pensions for 27 retired state polsChicago Sun-Times: He later took a higher-paid position with Chicago Public Schools and his pension was determined based on the higher salary under a reciprocal state-pension system agreement that ended in 1994…Morton school board re-elects president with ties to wholesale drug dealer Sun Times: More than two weeks after scores of parents from Cicero and Berwyn called for the resignation of a school board president tied to a major drug dealer and ranking motorcycle gang member, the school board acted Thursday night…Successful schools help children keep out of trouble NDTV: All the schools in the study had high numbers of students from ethnic minorities and poor homes, factors that are often associated… Give him a chance Tribune: The introduction of Jean-Claude Brizard as Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s choice to run the CPS was supposed to be choreographed to introduce a charismatic, aggressive reformer to Chicago… MORE NEWS ITEMS BELOW

St. Sabina members protest Rev. Michael Pfleger’s suspension Sun Times:  More than 100 St. Sabina Church parishioners flouted police orders to loudly protest the suspension of the Rev. Michael Pfleger outside Cardinal Francis George’s Gold Coast mansion Thursday morning… 

A Neighborhood’s Steady Decline CNC:  The problems besetting Auburn-Gresham were locked in long before the new tenants arrived. Stretches of some commercial thoroughfares, including Racine and Ashland avenues, have few surviving businesses, and some residential blocks have multiple foreclosed homes…  

School board OKs hire despite questions over experience Las Vegas Review-Journal: Martinez, who became a US citizen as a young child, is a former chief financial officer and regional superintendent of Chicago Public Schools, where he served under Arne Duncan, the current US secretary of education…

Support Illinois School Reform: Renda Sun Times:  In a recent op-ed piece in the Chicago Tribune, Jeb Bush — former governor of Florida and now Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education — praised the major reforms the Florida legislature enacted upon the teaching profession… 

Marist high school student dies after collapsing at senior overnight event Sun Times:  A high school student died early Friday after collapsing while playing basketball during a senior lock-in overnight function at Marist High School on the Southwest Side…

Is it time for more time for city students? Tribune: Your school days and years are strikingly longer than Chicago’s — a bit more than an hour more instructional time per day and 10 additional instructional days on the annual calendar, according to calculations by the Chicago Teachers Union…

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  • charters and teacher-bashing aren't a solution, writes sun times columnist carol marin (via catalyst) -- what about accountability for everyone, including the board and the legislature, rather than just for kids?

  • good question -- i'll ask around.

    meantime, here's a PDF of IASB's interpretation of SB7 --
    pretty neutral or even optimistic reading, far as i can tell --
    not full of concerns or any public airing of issues.

    when are the house hearings on the bill going to take place?
    who in madigan's office is heading the negotiations?

  • education nation airs on sunday afternoon -- by invitation only to attend

    but you can chat online --

  • ideas for not cutting funding for kids from voices for children (remember them?), via jim broadway

  • Charters are a reaction to failing neighborhood schools in areas where parents cannot opt out of CPS. That basically determines what communities charters look to serve.

  • That's the prevailing conventional wisdom on this blog, I know. I have trouble squaring that with evident popularity of charters among parents and students in these communities. Charters only get students who want to attend. If charters are so awful (and maybe some are), they will wither and die.

  • I didn't think any pro-charter folks would answer this one. Guess I was right.

  • I suspect those students are in failing schools now. That's not an argument for the status quo.

  • Quack

    Charter schools are not new or innovative .in fact they are neo-parochial
    Schools with a twist. These schools are getting money from the public
    coffers that the old private schools did not.
    I defy anyone to prove to me that these charter schools are not following
    traditional paths of private schools in the selection and retention of there
    student bodies. Why should they take or keep troubled ,or sped kids when
    it is easier, and cheaper to just send these broken children to the neighborhood
    school. I hear some now even have a physical test.
    Despite a favorable press and slick marketing gimmicks the charter schools
    Are only average given the advantages granted to them by law. To those of us who
    know , getting any high school graduate into college is a simple matter of paperwork
    Bragging all your graduates were admitted is a meaningless boast. There are a
    Limited amount of motivated parents out there, and just as many gullible parents.
    While the former goes for the real selective enrollment CPS schools, the latter
    Are conned into the hollow promise3s of some of these new Neo Parochial schools.

  • I know there are legitimate issues with too much testing at the elementary level but the ACT determines, without any doubt, to a very large degree what colleges become options AND how much merit aid becomes available. We may not like it but the ACT (or SAT) is the most important test high schoolers with college aspirations take.

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