Catalyst: Enough With The Endless Speculation

image from static.tvtropes.orgYou know how Saturday Night Live sketches take what might be a good idea and go on for way too long? That’s how I’m feeling about Catalyst’s endless series of thumbnail sketches called “Choosing Chicago’s next schools CEO.” There are too many of them, and they don”t seem like they’ve been chosen very carefully. (Linda Darling Hammond is not coming to Chicago to run the schools under Rahm Emanuel.)  Maybe Catalyst thinks that it’s being hip and interactive by doing this, but the magazine has more reporters and editors covering education than anyone else in the city. Why not spend the time getting close to the actual deliberations going on inside the Emanuel transition team? 


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  • For many of us it is interesting to see the names/face of the thought leaders in education in the US. You make a good point, though. Do you have contacts with anyone on the transition team?

  • Rahm has already made his choice!

  • RP is always right -- and may be again this time, too.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Is that why you won't post the USA Today story on Rhee? Noticed that the Trib didn't pick it up at all.

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