AM News: Extra Day Tacked Onto School Year

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CPS students get extra day of school ABC7:  Thursday the 16th will remain a teacher’s day that students will not attend, while Friday, June 17 will be the last day of school before summer vacation…Second CPS snow day to be made up June 15 Sun Times:  CPS students will have an extra day of class during the last week of school to make up for one of snow days during the Blizzard of ’11…Taking school to the next level Tribune:  “The only way we’re going to catch up with the rest of the world is to reinvent how teaching and learning occurs,” said Chicago Public Schools interim chief Terry Mazany…Emanuel closes in on CPD candidate Tribune: The local candidates on Emanuel’s list include Eugene Williams, chief of patrol; Al Wysinger, deputy chief of detectives; and Michael Shields, a former deputy superintendent.. Mazany’s proposed consolidations surprise educational facilities task force Chicago Tribune: Members of a state legislative task force felt sidelined by interim schools chief Terry Mazany’s announcement last week of a proposal to merge some schools…MORE NEWS BELOW
E.C. public schools forum prompts input about litany of issues  Teachers, parents, students and residents packed the room to voice concerns about the state of affairs in East Chicago public schools. EAST CHICAGO | Education in the city’s public schools came under scrutiny Tuesday at a community forum that attracted … 17 want to run Collier’s schools The News-Press:  Rick Mills, chief area officer, Chicago Public Schools 14. Charles Planz, educational consultant, Garden City, New York 15. Mary Ellen Sheehan, math teacher leader, Milwaukee Public Schools 17. Chris Wood, principal with the Union County School …Indiana School Shooting Suspect Appears In Court AP: Prosecutors want a 15-year-old boy tried in adult court for allegedly shooting another student twice outside their central Indiana middle school.

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  • It's just like the parent said at the task force hearing on school consolidations this week. CPS hadn't bothered to inform anyone about the consolidations. The parent heard about it through the media. CPS did try a small apology when contacted by phone. The parent said:
    "Baloney. CPS. No respect for anybody. I'm sick of it."

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