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Facebook: Should Teacher Be Suspended For Mockery?

It’s not quite the same as the teacher (not CPS) who called her kids lazy whiners and more a few weeks back, but a CPS parent is accusing an Overton Elementary teacher of mocking her daughter on Facebook and failing to apologize fully for the incident.  She’s also upset the school didn’t suspend the teacher. 

AM News: Schools Stockpiling Cash Reserves

Schools stockpile large amounts of money in fund balances Tribune:  Nearly half of districts reported fund balances of 50 percent or higher, and 70 school districts — many in the Chicago area … ‘Stand For Children’ group standing up for billionaires, not kids Austin Weekly:  This Friday, representatives of the Chicago Teachers Union and Stand... Read more »

Lawsuit: Union Loses Case, Loses Face

Fighters often raise their hands in victory after even the most lopsided bout and that’s what’s happening in the latest court decision. But it’s a victory for the CTU in only the narrowest sense, and a hit on their credibility that they’re making such a big deal out of a decision that doesn’t get anyone’s... Read more »

AM News: Extra Day Tacked Onto School Year

CPS students get extra day of school ABC7:  Thursday the 16th will remain a teacher’s day that students will not attend, while Friday, June 17 will be the last day of school before summer vacation…Second CPS snow day to be made up June 15 Sun Times:  CPS students will have an extra day of class during the last... Read more »

People: Who's Really In Charge At Your School?

The question of the week is who’s the most important person at your school, in terms of knowing what’s really going on and being able to get things done? Be brave and tell us what school (you’re anonymous, remember).  Cartoon is from this week’s New Yorker.

Lawsuit: Board Claims Victory On Layoffs

From CPS: Appeals Court Rules that CPS is Not Required to Reinstate Laid Off Teachers or Negotiate Recall Procedures with Union The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision today in Chicago Teachers Union v. The Board of Education of the City of Chicago, the case brought by the Teachers Union last August, alleging... Read more »

AM News: Should Consolidation Proceed Or No?

Task force wants CPS school consolidations halted:  A legislative task force agreed late Monday to ask Interim Schools CEO Terry Mazany to halt all proposed school consolidations until the panel presents its recommendations on school facility decisions in bill form to the Legislature…6th Ward: Lyle vs. Sawyer a choice of political style Sun Times:  Of the... Read more »

Catalyst: Enough With The Endless Speculation

You know how Saturday Night Live sketches take what might be a good idea and go on for way too long? That’s how I’m feeling about Catalyst’s endless series of thumbnail sketches called “Choosing Chicago’s next schools CEO.” There are too many of them, and they don”t seem like they’ve been chosen very carefully. (Linda... Read more »

People: Teacher's Disappointing Charter / TFA Choice

There are so many reasons to hate on Timeica Bethel, I don’t know where to start.  She’s doing Teach For America (not even a real teacher).  She went to an Ivy League school (instead of being loyal to Chicago). She went to a private high school (instead of staying on the SW side) after graduating... Read more »

AM News: Whitney Young Recruiting Violations Ignored

Bears vanity license plates going on sale Tribune:  Officials say $25 from each license plate will go to an education fund for Chicago Public Schools…  CPS consolidation means severe crowding Newstips:  Ogden International High School, which has been sharing Carpenter’s building, will get the entire facility…  Ousted principals quickly find new education jobs AP:  The AP interviewed nearly a... Read more »