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People: Teacher Solves @MayorEmanuel Mystery

People: Teacher Solves @MayorEmanuel Mystery
Even as the notoriety and mystery grew, only a handful of folks were able to figure out who the hilarious and profane Twitterer known as @MayorEmanuel really was before he revealed himself recently as a Chicago professor and punk zine publisher (The Man Behind @MayorEmanuel).  One of the few to crack the code was Seth Lavin... Read more »

Events: Schoolkids Win The Oscars

Rhetoric: Welfare Queens, Turncoats, Birthers

The NYT’s Matt Bai describes how NJ governor Chris Christie (pictured) has turned public employee unions into a convenient scapegoat:  “Ronald Reagan had his ‘welfare queens,’  Rudy Giuliana had his criminals and ‘squeegee men,’ and now Chris Christie has his sprawling and powerful public-sector unions.”  Union historian Rick Kahlenberg has taken to the pages of the Washington... Read more »

AM News: Emanuel Softens Charter Stance

Emanuel visits south-side charter school WBEZ: Chicago International Charter Schools, which runs Ralph Ellison, runs other schools that are not beating out nearby neighborhood comparison schools…. Emanuel visits South Side charter school Clout St: Rahm Emanuel continued his victory lap around Chicago today with a visit to a South Side charter school. . Ex-state rep quits Emanuel team over ethics... Read more »

AM News: Science Scores Lag Behind Other Cities

Chicago 8th-graders score near bottom in national science tests Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Public School eighth-graders racked up the fourth-worst science scores among 17 big-city districts to take a national science test, results released Thursday indicated… Chicago students lag in science Chicago Tribune:  The findings were not surprising for Chicago Public Schools, whose students, on average, are also testing behind... Read more »

Video: Colbert Interviews Terrorist Teacher Union Leader

The Colbert ReportTags: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Concerned about terrorist unions, Colbert had “Mullah Sheik Omar Randi Weingarten” on his show a couple of nights ago: “Everybody knows teachers unions are totally discredited.  You hurt our children every day.  Why should we continue to allow you to organize so you... Read more »

Jobs: Who Should / Will Get The CPS Top Jobs?

Jobs:  Who Should / Will Get The CPS Top Jobs?
Who will Emanuel pick to head CPS?  Who *should* he consider?  Let the uninformed speculation begin!  Emanuel could keep the interim Mazany / Payne team in place. He could appease (punish) the Latino community by bringing someone like Jose Torres into the district (or Chico or DelValle, for that matter). He could look nationally, but... Read more »

AM News: Board Approves Charters, Boundaries

Three charter schools get boundaries Catalyst: Despite some opposition at the Board of Education meeting today, a new Englewood Montessori school will open its doors next year, and three charter schools will be allowed to establish attendance boundaries for their students… Charter schools want more space Tribune:  Charter supporters say that of the 91 charter schools in CPS, at least 10... Read more »

Weekend Open Discussion: What's On Your Mind?

There’s a Rube Goldberg Machine contest this morning at the Children’s Museum featuring teams from Chicago Christian, Talent Development, Luther High School North, Nobel Street College Prep and some suburban schools I don’t care about.  (Details below.)  But what else is going on this weekend / on your mind this week?  How Emanuel won the black vote?... Read more »

Movies: She'll Do Anything To Win The Money...

…even if it means teaching kids how to pass the test.Warning:  Extremely foul language.