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What a week!  There are heated discussions going on about charters, school breakfast, and Smyth vs. Nettlehorst, but maybe you have something else on your mind.  Here’s the place for new or different topics, questions, and suggestions — maybe something going on at your school this year that you haven’t seen discussed, or an issue that’s important but gets ignored in the flow of daily news.  Anything not already under discussion is good.  The UNO Charter Superman will be watching (via WBEZ)

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  • Why did we loose Lincoln's birthday as a holiday?

  • Self esteem issue?

  • Unintentionally, the charter school dispute has racial undertones. Hispanics want a school where their children can learn without the disruptive behavior exhibited in predominantly Black CPS classrooms. You have to admire UNO for accomplishing just that -- Hispanics creating schools for Hispanic students.

  • What a racist comment to make by someone who took a whole lot of child psychology classes and is in the classroom molding minds. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • In reply to Freedom:

    The post should have said "children" as in "disruptive children should be removed." I will say, however, having taught both Black and Hispanic children, that AA classrooms, are on the whole, a much more disruptive environment. The children lack self control and an appreciation for learning. In my experience, Mexican children are more intent on getting an education and their behavior reflects that.

  • It's no surprise that there are conflicting results. We've already seen that some students score terribly on the benchmark assessments but in the high superior range for the ISATs. Parents don't understand the value of the new assessments. It hasn't been explained at all.

  • A racist is oblivious to racism; hence, your "ridiculous" comment is a classic example. If teaching African American children cause such great consternation, why are you there?

  • Hey, educator, while you are bashing AA parents, who should we blame for your misuse of "their"?

  • Where are the parents who are outraged by the egregious acts of elitest white teachers who sabotage our AA students' futures with their grading tactics?

  • In reply to Food4TheSoul:

    This is an attitude that virtually guarantees a lack of progress on closing the achievement gap.

  • In reply to Food4TheSoul:

    Confused, yes, it is because too many parents didn't bother to both feed their kids and or get them to free breakfast before school.
    As far as I understand it, all schools will be instituting this new policy next month, but some schools are fighting it. Mine is.

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