Should CPS Include All Of Cook County?

ScreenHunter_20 Jan. 31 08.47A mother in Akron Ohio faked her children’s address in order to avoid the local schools and gain access to another district, got caught, convicted, and failed — causing a national uproar.  Duncan: ‘Morally unacceptable’ that Ohio woman couldn’t find a good school for her son Yahoo News:  “Where children have one option and that option isn’t a good one, that’s just absolutely morally unacceptable,” Duncan said… Mother Jailed For School Fraud Flares Controversy NPR:  Host Michel Martin talks with Brian Poe, superintendent of Copley-Fairlawn School District, about the matter…Meanwhile, Memphis schools are considering a countywide expansion.  Should CPS follow?

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  • Never going to happen. No way is there any political will to do that! On any side of the issue.

    Cook county is a mixed bag. My own school district, Morton, is not very good, but on most days the students are safe from getting beat up and hassled. Proviso, further west, is about as disfunctional a school district as you can get, and it has frequent fights at one of its high schools. Oak Park-River Forest high school, is quite nice, mainly owing to the upper middle class and above demographics of its students. New Trier, in Evanston, is a pretty good school, but its residents spend a lot to keep it that way. Some of the school districts in the south burbs were a real disappointment when the people moved from Chicago to the burbs for better schools and discovered their local school was actually worse than CPS.

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