AM News: Debating The Expo, Lane Gets Gifted

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Parents Debate Future of CPS Fox:  The future of the Chicago Public Schools was open for debate during a Town Hall forum at the Fourth Annual New Schools Expo at Soldier Field on Saturday… Parents explore options at New Schools Expo ABC7:  “Charter schools are Chicago Public Schools, contract schools. They are all open to the public, they all receive CPS money, so we just see this as an option … Lane Tech may open to gifted 7th graders:  Chicago Tribune: To get early admission to a selective enrollment high school, one of the most challenging academic programs within the Chicago Public Schools system…Murders up, Culture of Calm funding drying up Catalyst:  Last year the number of murders in Chicago declined by 5 percent, but there’s a disturbing side to that good news: 11 percent more teenagers were killed and about the same number were shot and injured as in 2009, according to statistics from the Chicago Police Department… Special educatoin backlog grows Catalyst: The issue came to a head last summer, after a school year when special education referrals for young children increased by 42 percent, putting further strain on a system that was already short-staffed. The district is faced with a backlog of up to 1,500 students…

Mayoral candidates clash on ethics, taxes at Tribune debate:  After a financial meltdown and nine years under the control of the state of Illinois, a small northwest suburban school district is about to begin fending for itself again. The fiscal turnaround is significant. The district was on the verge of dissolving… Police, firefighters would pay more pension costs under Daley administration proposal Cout Street:  Posted by John Byrne at 2:18 p.m. Mayor Richard Daley’s administration today unveiled a plan for police and fire pension reform that would increase employee contributions as part of a package it hopes would save Chicago property taxpayers $240 million… Math and Science Academy chief lauds schools foundation:  The president of the state’s most prestigious publicly funded school for gifted Illinois students disputed the notion that there is no “silver bullet” in education Saturday night… A Debate Worthy Of the Student Council CNC:  Early in Thursday’s Chicago mayoral debate, the former United States senator Carol Moseley Braun was asked if she had a question for one of her three rivals…. No more kids playing at the fire hydrant in West Town Reporter:  When I moved into my place in West Town nine years ago, there were kids everywhere. The local grade school – Ellen Mitchell – rented out the old Holy Rosary school to accommodate an over flow.  And, never fail, every hot day, someone would pull the plug on the fire hydrant on my corner and kids would let loose in the street – by the dozens. That was 2002.

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  • Well, for sure Fox News went and they were definitely impressed.

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