What's Going On At Bogan High School?


When I posted a This American Life story about a petty tyrant in Schenectedy I wasn’t thinking of anyone in CPS in particular.  But readers and commenters quickly decided that Bogan principal Kenneth Mcneal was a top contender for top honors. Read what they have to say here, taking it all with a grain of salt as usual.  Far as I can tell, McNeal came to the school three years ago — according to Catalyst he’s got a contract — and at the time some readers thought he was headed in the right direction.  One possibility is that he’s doing a horrible job just like people are saying, another is that a small but dedicated group of insurgents is trying to derail his efforts during what may be his contract year.


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  • good point. what we need are specifics, documents, first-hand witnesses, someone willing to state the problem for the record -- otherwise this is just venting, which is fine, but doesn't give us the kind of traction that we had with Area 11 where there were actual documents to look at. anyone got any emails or memos from mcneal to share?

  • there's no incident report, no documentation of something like that within CPS or CPD?

  • I can't believe that supposedly professional people would go onto a blog blatantly lying. What riot happened at Bogan H. S that shut the school down. There are police officers in the school and if this were true are you saying that this hasn't been filed as an incident.....PROVE IT!!! Where is your outrage and what have you done to make a difference.

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