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Why Are So Many Kids Leaving Neighborhood Schools?

Much was made of Catalyst and WBEZ’s reporting the news last week that charter school transfer rates were high in Chicago, but what caught my eye was the news that transfer rates for regular district schools are pretty high, too.  Roughly a fifth of CPS kids transferred out of their regular school in 2009, according... Read more »

High Schools: Should ETHS "De-Track" Completely?

 Check out the breakdown of kids taking AP and honors courses at Evanston Township High School just outside Chicago — supposedly one of the best schools in the nation.  Then tell me that the achievement gap isn’t important and that NCLB hasn’t done an important duty with its subgroup reporting requirements.  To its credit, ETHS... Read more »

Quote: Tim King Explains Urban Prep Attrition (Sorta)

“At Urban Prep we are firm, firm believers in not throwing kids away. We look really hard with even the most challenging discipline issues and students to make sure that those students are able to stay. In this graduating class [of 150], there were three students who were expelled from that class.” (Tim King explains what... Read more »

Leadership: New York's Big CEO / CAO Debate

They’re freaking out in New York City because the Mayor’s nominee to head the school system has been rebuffed by a state advisory board due to her lack of education qualifications. It’s not the first time that a noneducator has headed the system — Joel Klein is the departing chancellor of the school system now... Read more »

AM News: Vallas Endorses Chico

Race for mayor: Schools partner in Chico’s corner Paul Vallas unsuccessfully ran for Illinois governor against Rod Blagojevich in 2002, a contest in which Chico had endorsed Blagojevich over Vallas in the Democratic primary… Paul Vallas endorses Gery Chico for Chicago mayor:  Vallas was the former CEO of Chicago Public Schools before leaving to head public schools... Read more »

School Life: Petty Tyrants

There’s nothing “petty” about a tyrant if you’re the one being intimidated, as you’ll see when you listen to the story of Steve Raucci, the tyrannical maintenance head in a New York district who’s the subject of a recent profile on This American Life.  He was a mean-spirited joker, a mischief maker, all-around jerk (though sweetly obsessed... Read more »

Who Starting Linking Violence To Schools?

Eric Zorn says it was Vallas who first started talking about CPS kids getting shot or killed regardless of whether it happened in school (Counting murdered students unfairly tars public schools) and that may be so, but it was Duncan and Daley who really pushed it as I remember — trying to get support for... Read more »

AM News: Chico Promises Resources For Schools

A Laptop in Every Pot: ChicagoMag:  Later on Thursday, Chico called another press conference and credited Daley for doing a “tremendous job” for Chicago… Restorative Justice Comes — And Goes Catalyst:  As a result, the initiative has so far led to sustained restorative justice programs, targeted toward students, at just two schools: Duprey and Hay, where peer juries... Read more »

Schools: Tips For Surviving The Holiday Season?

It’s that time of year again — the holiday season is at our throats already.  And for teachers, parents, administrators, and even kids, making it through the next few weeks between Thanksgiving (are we still allowed to call it that?) and the start of winter break can be a particularly big challenge.  Everyone’s tired, and... Read more »

AM News: What To Do With Small, Bad Schools (Like Paderewski)?

Del Valle says his top priority is education Tribune:  He’s 59-years-old, has been married for almost 40 years and his raised his four adult children in Chicago. Now Miguel Del Valle wants to run the city he says he has been passionate about since he came here at the age of 4… Bilingual preschool has growing pains Catalyst:... Read more »