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AM News: Magnet Admissions Scramble Year Two

Chicago parents scramble with new rules for best schools Tribune: Last year, the guidelines were rewritten to take an applicant’s race out of the equation and replace it with socioeconomic factors from the applicant’s neighborhood. This year, further changes to increase diversity were approved at a board meeting just a month before the Dec. 17... Read more »

Bowen: The Rise And Fall Of Global Visions

Breaking big schools up into smaller ones isn’t anything new — nor is the realization that such efforts are no guarantee of success.  But Stephanie Banchero and Barbara Martinez’s Wall Street Journal note that the efforts worked better in some places (NYC) than others (CPS) and tells us some of the long sad story of... Read more »

Media: Duncan's Mom

We all knew that Duncan’s mom had a lifelong commitment to education but for years now there hasn’t been that much beyond a few tempting details.  Now the Tribune has a profile and some great pictures to go along with them:  “For nearly 50 years, the mother of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has run an... Read more »

Awards: Ryerson Elementary Teacher Gets $25K

“An unsuspecting Ryerson school teacher will receive an unrestricted $25,000 Milken Educator Award at a surprise school-wide assembly. Presented by Illinois State Schools Superintendent Dr. Christopher Koch and Dr. Jane Foley of the Milken Family Foundation, the prestigious award will recognize the exceptional work of this educator as a model for the state and nation.... Read more »

Huberman: The Robot's Last Day

What to make of Huberman’s last day (Huberman Officially Quits, Last Day For Huberman At CPS)?  He didn’t get much done (did he?).  He hid behind a smokescreen of statistics and performance talk that it seems clear he didn’t really understand.  He chased out a lot of good people and demoralized the central office. He... Read more »

Classrooms: Grading For Compliance, Or For Quality?

There’s an ongoing debate about the different grading scales used by different schools (and teachers).  Here’s another related question:  should teachers grade students based on their compliance with class rules — turning homework in on time, all the time — or on the quality of the work that they do?  That’s the question in this... Read more »

What's Going On At Bogan High School?

When I posted a This American Life story about a petty tyrant in Schenectedy I wasn’t thinking of anyone in CPS in particular.  But readers and commenters quickly decided that Bogan principal Kenneth Mcneal was a top contender for top honors. Read what they have to say here, taking it all with a grain of... Read more »

"Stray Dogs" Update: Amazon Page & Official Pub Date

We still don’t have a final cover for my book but there’s already an Amazon pre-order page and an official publication date in April.  You can check it out here if you’re really that determined to avoid doing anything today.  The book should actually be available well before the official date, and in fact I’ve gotten a couple... Read more »

AM News: Emanuel Weighs In With Education Ideas

Emanuel: New Curriculum By End of First Term:  Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel made a campaign promise this week to implement a new math and English language curriculum in Chicago’s public schools by the end of his first term… Del Valle Higher Ed Plan Focuses On Accessibility, Student Debt Progress IL:  ecent data estimated that students who graduated from public and... Read more »

Holidays: Thanks To Readers & Supporters

Thanks to everyone who reads this site and to all of those who’ve supported it over the years, directly and indirectly.  Also:  Please tell Santa I want a the 11-inch MacBook Air or the new Kinect Xbox. Via Politico