Bowen: The Rise And Fall Of Global Visions


Breaking big schools up into smaller ones isn’t anything new — nor is the realization that such efforts are no guarantee of success.  But Stephanie Banchero and Barbara Martinez’s Wall Street Journal note that the efforts worked better in some places (NYC) than others (CPS) and tells us some of the long sad story of Bowen’s Global Visions Academy, which is slated to merge back into one single school.


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  • what's a level 2 school? i should know this but i don't
    meantime, i hear that the banchero story was pulled because it wasn't ready or something -- should be up again soon. funny that happened -- and that i couldn't find a cached version of it online anyway.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    See CPS Performance Policy at

    How are ratings determined under the Performance Policy?
    Based on the percentage of points earned, schools are awarded one of three ratings:

    Level 1 (Excellent Standing): Elementary schools receiving at least 71% of available points and high schools receiving at least 66.7% of available points.

    Level 2 (Good Standing): Elementary schools receiving between 50-70.9% of available points and high schools receiving between 44% and 66.6% of available points.

    Level 3 (Probation): Elementary schools receiving less than 50% of availab

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