AM News: Emanuel Weighs In With Education Ideas


Emanuel: New Curriculum By End of First Term:  Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel made a campaign promise this week to implement a new math and English language curriculum in Chicago’s public schools by the end of his first term… Del Valle Higher Ed Plan Focuses On Accessibility, Student Debt Progress IL:  ecent data estimated that students who graduated from public and private four-year institutions in Illinois emerged with an average of more than $22,000 in debt… CPS leaves Smyth off upgrade plans | News | Chicago Journal Chicago Journal:  In the board’s Nov. 17 packet was a recommendation that Chicago Public Schools expand the Andrew Jackson Language Academy, 1340 W. Harrison, into a campus south of the Eisenhower Expressway, increasing the number of available magnet school seats in K-2 classrooms… Manager-educator pairings: A look at three other cities Gothamschools:  Unlike in New York, where the chancellor can decide the titles and job descriptions of his (it’s always been a “he”) deputies, these positions are cemented in the law in Chicago. Chicago’s CEO can change the responsibilities that fall under each officer, but the city is legally required to have an educational expert… Huberman’s incompetence shows everywhere Substance:  Even as Huberman was halfway out the door, Board refused to provide list of all the schools and each of the areas despite a $58 million increase in area office budgets this year… the Board also approved the appointment of a new “Chicago Area Officer” recommended by Huberman.

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  • I was talking with a CPS parent and the Rahm promise came up. The parents response was:

    The Chinese have been teaching math the same way for a thousand years and their students are still out performing and out scoring CPS students. Students don't need all these "NEW" curriculum, they need people to teach them the old ones."

    I loved it.

  • Does anyone know who his Education Brain Trust is? Who are his advisors and supporters in this area?

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