Weekend Open Thread: What's On Your Mind?


The week was full of posts about Whittier, departing Huberman staffers, the race for governor, school violence, and all the rest, but there’s probably something ELSE that’s on your mind that’s going on at your school or in your organization. This is the place for any and all of that — concerns about programs, good news that’s gone unnoticed, newslinks that should have gotten more or different attention.  

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  • CORE Pension Trustee Victory...
    Jeff Blackwell and Jeanne Freed win seats on
    Chicago Teachers Pension Fund Board of Trustees

    Here are the official results as posted on the CTPF website


    Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund, 2010 Teacher-Trustee Election, Final Vote Summary- October 29, 2010

    * Jeffrey Blackwell 7,914 30.22%
    * Jeanne Freed 6,931 26.47%
    Linda Goff 4,943 18.88%
    Lois Nelson 4,472 17.08%
    Unexercised Vote 1,880 7.18%

    Multiple Mark 46 .18%

    Total votes 26,186

    Election Summary
    Total Valid Returns 13,093
    Total Ineligible Returns 147
    Total Returns 13,240
    Total Ballots Distributed 26,675
    Percent Returned Total 49.08%
    Percent Returned 49.63%

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    Sigh. I supported the incumbents--largely based upon last year's astounding return on investment and the fact that they have both been very helpful commenters on the First Class boards.

    This was a very low-key campaign. I never learned anything about the CORE candidates (and sure hope they're not from the socialist wing of that radical organization). And that means that participation was also low.

    Less than half voted district-wide. At my school, it was only slightly better with about 55% (94 voting out of 169 eligible to vote; plus 2 provisional ballots).

    Oh well, onward and upward. Let's hope this coming Tuesday's elections continue this "throw the incumbents out" trend.

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    Chicago Principals & Administrators Association has moved. The new address is: CPAA, 20 N. Wacker Dr., Suite 622, Chicago, IL. 60606, 312-841-8301.

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    We have been wondering what the Principals' bonuses are tied too. A few years ago we acquired a copy and it answered why there were so many policy changes at the school. Alex, maybe you could devote a heading to this topic. If any one knows where this information can be obtained, please respond.

  • Money

    I have only been able to set aside some money in a tax deferred annuity for a couple of years.
    Anyone else get that letter about the Board putting all our eggs in one basket?
    I wonder how this Great Western company won the right to invest our money
    Without telling us about this sea change?

  • If they're hiding, how did you know they were there?

  • Back at you, John: Did YOU have the black kids use the back door of your shop at your school (before they fired you)?

    What is your point?

    Do you seriously think any kids--on the basis of their race--would use a "back door" to get in school? The media and the courts would have a field day.

    By the way, as someone who was around then, I dispute Grady Jordan's narrative.

  • John--glad you owned up to your anonymous ad hominem attack against me.

    When you say that "my" school is racist, are you talking about me or the 185 union members at the school who now pay your salary?

  • John, you dissappoint me. I am one of the deans at Taft and I am called a racist every other day by parents and students. Are you saying that by doing my job I am a racist? I voted for CORE, don't make me regret it.

  • So, John, are you back-pedaling now? You wrote that my "school has engaged in acts that could be considered racist."

    Did you mean the bricks and mortar? Me personally? Or all the people who work there?

    Don't accuse me of trying to smear you. They are YOUR words. I didn't cause your fingers to type them.

    And why, when I ask what you meant by your own words, do you continue to obfuscate matters with tu quoque arguments?

    It is not true that I have made "constant attacks on the leadership." I haven't even made one.

    I dare you to find a single instance where I have criticized the new Union leadership.

    CORE is a political caucus, John, and not the Union itself. You should know the difference.

    As for you "working to do [your] part," let's remember that you are being well paid for your work.

  • contact the union with your grievance authorization and your termination letter

    312-329-6203 fax

  • all denials are being appealed to a hearing where grievants will be able to present evidence of their wrongful dismissals. In addition there are two ULP's regarding the displacements , a Fed case and then mediation and arbitration to get members back to work.

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