State Scores Released - Do You Care?

 25fob-consumed-articleInline-v2It’s hard to take any of this seriously, given the disarray at the Board and downstate, the news that the IL tests have been made so much easier over the years, and the rules of NCLB which don’t all make sense, but here’s the Sun Times’ big package on the 2010 test scores: Posh schools make grade“As expected, schools in affluent districts or with selective admissions continued to pack the top of the charts. All three Chicago high schools in the top 10 — No. 1 Northside, No. 2 Payton and No. 4 Young Magnet — handpick kids based in large part on tests.” 

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Top 100 elementary schools in Illinois 

Top 100 middle schools in Illinois

Top 100 high schools in Illinois  

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What do you think?  See anything interesting in there? Do you care?

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  • Wow. Fenger and Harper, already near the bottom of the pack, seem to be getting worse. How are those turn-arounds working out for you?

  • And let's not forget: The selective enrollment schools have far fewer students with IEPs.

    The best high schools in Illinois are not Northside, Payton, and Young; but New Trier, Deerfield, and Hinsdale Central. In those districts, the schools have to educate ALL their students, not just cream off the top.

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