Culture Of Calm: [Former] Harlan High Student Killed

Thanks to a reader for making sure that we all saw the horrible news about a [former] Harlan high school student shot and killed (outside school):  Here, here, here, here.  Anyone know anything more about what happened, or how things have been going at Harlan? Have things been brewing there, or is this nothing that involved the school at all? 


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  • Hey Alexander-

    The student that died did not attend Harlan...he attended Wendell Phillips.

  • Thanks for the correction...but why would you choose to identify the student by his former and not current school? This is a peculiar way to present information about this event.

  • Teachers are the leaders children see on a daily basis.

    Teachers and school staff need the support and resources to help these young people overcome the negative influences within the communities they live and then in turn help to change the social structure that creates an underclass of citizens that are subjected to the proliferation of drugs and violence. Instead government officials concoct schemes on how to divert public money away from social services like education to benefit their personal interests.

    John Kugler

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