Tribune Takes Heat For Removing "Ghetto" Blog Post

As some of you may know, ChicagoNow (which sponsors this blog) has recently removed a couple of posts from the blog called Arresting Tales, written by Joe The Cop, which described something called the “Ghetto Shooting Template.”  The post and the ensuring debate — including pressure from a Time Out Chicago editor who sent 100 Tweets on the story — is rounded up by Megan Cottrell here.  She disagrees with ChicagoNow’s decision, as do I.  Another CN blogger, A League Of Her Own, is also blasting the decision (here).  ChicagoNow has a post announcing the decision but not explaining it beyond referring readers to its blogger guidelines, and almost a hundred readers have reacted.  Meantime, the guy from TimeOut is still going strong, calling for an explanation/apology from ChicagoNow and denying that he’s censored or called for the censoring of anyone (here).  Everyone’s being a bit of an idiot here, though some more than others.  I’d put Joe The Cop in for being insensitive (though not incorrect), then the TimeOut Chicago guy for being politically correct (against a competitor, it should be noted), and  ChicagoNow at the top of the heap for removing the post (ineffective, unnecessary, etc.  Or at least that’s how it seems to me.   

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  • The poor colonel is out here in the burbs(at Cantigny) rolling in his grave. Col. McCormick worked his whole life building the Worlds Greatest Newspaper on the premise that without a free press, the people will never be free. Sadly, in today's world, we seem to be more focused on being politically correct than allowing free speech. Just because a voice offends some, does not mean it should be edited out.
    I want the old Tribune back!

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