Research: More Bad News For Performance Pay

Here’s a second study suggesting that the approach doesn’t have any big effects on student achievement.  The first came out of Vanderbilt last week, and it was pretty damning (though limited to performance pay alone not in conjunction with other supports and systems).  This one is about Chicago’s TAP program — the program that was adopted a few years ago, expanded, then …. changed and expanded again with more USDE TIF money:
“Compared with a group of matched comparison schools, students at the 16 Teacher Advancement Program schools did not have significantly higher scores on state reading or mathematics tests. The authors reported no significant effect on teacher retention at either the school or district level. The WWC has reservations about these findings because the groups of students, teachers, and schools compared in the analysis may have differed from each other in ways not controlled for in the analysis.”


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  • Thank you anonymous principal! All we want is to be supported in what we need to do our jobs...and they don't know what we need if they don't listen! Hold that incentive money and use it instead for copy paper, toilet paper, kleenex, printer ink, computers, pens and pencils and a professionally run in-school suspension center. Ahhhh.....bliss.

  • Performance pay could never amount to more than scraps in this city and not fall victim to bribery, kickbacks on the watchers and cheating by my colleagues

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