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Research: More Bad News For Performance Pay

Here’s a second study suggesting that the approach doesn’t have any big effects on student achievement.  The first came out of Vanderbilt last week, and it was pretty damning (though limited to performance pay alone not in conjunction with other supports and systems).  This one is about Chicago’s TAP program — the program that was... Read more »

People: Blondean's Charter Conversion Experience

 There’s an interesting little Q and A with former Vallas deputy Blondean Davis about her conversion to charters and eventual opening of a charter (Blondean Davis, CEO of Southland Prep Charter).As you may recall, she left CPS in 2002 and became superintendent of Mattson ESD 162.  The new charter is a high school — a... Read more »

Wednesday Open Discussion

I’m running around all day today so there’s not going to be any formal updating. I’ll try and do some twitter and the updates will post here: Hit “refresh” to get newer items, or click here to get older items. Meantime feel free to suggest topics of interest or concern, share links, or comment on... Read more »

AM News: Urban Prep For Mayor

Founder of Charter School Network Mulling Run for Mayor WBEZ:  The founder of a Chicago charter school network for young men says he might join the crowded field of those vying to become mayor of Chicago… Whittier school sit-in enters day tenABC7:  Solis sent a letter to parents on Tuesday saying schools CEO Ron Huberman... Read more »

Pushing Smaller Schools On Bogan & Others

A teacher at Bogan emailed me about the pressure at her school and others to implement the Smaller Learning Communities model — what do you think?  “We are very concerned here at Bogan High about the direction our principal is steering us in. There is a big push to implement “Small Learning Communities” here. This... Read more »

AM News: Not Much News

CPS reverses itself, gives job candidate a 2nd chance Tribune:  In July, I told you about Darrell Langdon, a Chicago man who applied to the Chicago Public Schools system for a job as a stationary engineer (or boiler room engineer) but was turned down because of a drug conviction 25 years ago…Mother faces murder anniversary... Read more »

Obama Defends Private School Choice On "Today"

“I’ll be blunt with you: The answer is no right now.” — President Obama this morning in response to audience question about whether the DC public schools could match his daughters’ private school (and implicitly whether he’d consider sending them to a district school).

Teacher Quality: A Tale Of Two Teachers

#joycefdn The Joyce Foundation has just put out a “pro-teacher” parent guide to teacher effectiveness policies that it hopes will also be helpful to teachers, legislators, school board members, and administrators.   Telling the story of two teachers who get different amounts of support, the guide is intended to explain to parents why we parents why... Read more »

Tribune Takes Heat For Removing "Ghetto" Blog Post

As some of you may know, ChicagoNow (which sponsors this blog) has recently removed a couple of posts from the blog called Arresting Tales, written by Joe The Cop, which described something called the “Ghetto Shooting Template.”  The post and the ensuring debate — including pressure from a Time Out Chicago editor who sent 100... Read more »

Were Teachers Misled Into Rating Colleagues? [upd]

A nationally board certified teacher sent me an email this weekend describing how she and other NBCTs were approached about doing some screening of online teacher applications that they assumed would be NEW online teacher applications.  That didn’t make a ton of sense, given how many teachers were being laid off, but she applied anyway... Read more »