Violence, Gangs -- And Paying For Information


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Another deadly weekend for too many Chicagoans including several school-age kids, plus an interesting complaint against the principal of Schurz: 5 Dead, At Least 25 Hurt In Bloody Chicago Weekend CBS2:  A bloodbath plagued the streets of Chicago over the weekend, particularly on the West Side… ‘Wonderful kid’ killed in crossfire Sun Times:  When Darrell McKinney told his mother he wanted to go to a Humboldt Park block party with a friend Saturday night, Vanessa McKinney did what she always does. She drove him there… Principal Used School Money To Pay Students For Tips On Gang Ties CBS2 via Huffington Post:  Gangs long have been a problem in the Northwest Side neighborhood that feeds into Carl Schurz High School. But the principal had an unorthodox way of going after them, according to a recently filed federal lawsuit…

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  • Just so every one knows the case discussed in the CBS report is now before the US District Court for Northern Illinois. The former principal of Schurz Ms Folino and CPS have requested a jury trial. Ms. Folino has retained seperate legal counsel.

    While the CPS refused to make any comment in relation to the story in a reply to the complaint they make some admissions and many denials. The biggest issue in the case is the claim that the former principal order teachers to violate special education rules and falsify IEPs, which CPS denies.

    For the record the name is the case is Diadenko, Chiodo, Temkin, and Breen v. Folino, Board of Ed, and R. Huberman case no: 10 Cv 2723 and it was filed on July 14, 2010.

    The plaintiffs are asking for $75,000 each in damages and rescind all disciplany actions againt the plaintiffs. Since there are four plaintiffs all alledging the same violations of special education rules and a formal complaint to the CPS OIG was filed (CPS acknowledges this) making many of the same arguments it would appear CPS if effectively claiming these four CPS employees are conspiring against CPS.

    Much thanks to Russo for posting the link to the story so I could read the actual case.

    Rod Estvan

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