PowerPoint: The World According To Huberman

Thanks thanks thanks to the reader who sent along this fascinating (yes!) PowerPoint presentation from the principals’ meeting at UIC last week. So much interesting information in there (like results from the Scantron pilot and school safety data comparisons from year to year).


Take it all with a grain of salt — and please feel free to any parts that seem interesting or obscure (2010-2011 Principal’s Conference.pdf).  Thanks again — a million Internets! –for sending this in.

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  • from a reader: "Joe Kallas is stepping down (is that what you call it?) from CAO. Going to be principal at Norwood Park School."

  • I couldn't agree more. I used to work extensively with PM analysts and they always wanted to "tell a story" with the data. While it may help viewers to understand the data if there is a story they can follow, the problem comes when they are deciding which story to tell. Often times it doesn't have any substance, but the story supports what PM and Huberman want people to believe. There's no neutrality, they don't let the data inform them; they simply find the data they need to support their agenda.

  • which number slides in particular?

  • The power point presentation was very interesting. In particular I was facinated by the so called PM white paper developed by CPS titled: "Performance Management A Focus on Excellence." I just searched the CPS website to find this paper and I could not. It seems to me that this white paper should be avaiable for the public in pdf form. Maybe our friend Alexander could get it posted on the CPS website so we all can read it not just principals? Moreover it would save me the time of FOIAing it.

    Rod Estvan

  • here you go -- thanks to a friend of the blog:

  • Now that was impressive Alexander! It is a relatively short document and does not take long to read. I have a number of initial thoughts about it but I am going to keep them to myself for the moment.

    Here is what I would like to know from blog readers who are teachers and principals. Does your school have a functioning Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)? What is the composition of the team in terms of teachers, non-certified staff, and administrators? How are decisions made by the ILT by vote, by consenous, not at all, meaning the principal makes the decision about any change to what the document calls interventions. How often has the ILT, if it exists, at your school met?

    Does your school have teacher teams? How often do these teams meet and does the principal of assistant principal attend the meeting? If "action items" are referred up to the ILT have any ever been implemented at your school?

    What input do special education teachers and related issues have in either the ILT or the teacher teams at your school?

    Rod Estvan

  • I want to thank all the teachers that discussed the PM process at their schools it helps me understand a little bit more. It seems that special education staff are giving at least some input into the process.

    My understanding is that the Scantron Interim Assessment is supposed to provide information on student growth four times a year. It is also my understanding that the entire ILT team process along with the teacher teams are driven by analysis of the Scantron data and adjusting instruction to that data, right?

    But the CPS performance policy does not really use this data and the performance policy calculator does not utilize the Scantron Interim Assessment. My question to teachers and principals is how is the projected scores developed utilizing the performance policy calculator used inside the ILT process? Maybe I am confused but I am not clear how the ILT teams are to use these two different data sets. To see the performance calculator go to: http://research.cps.k12.il.us/cps/accountweb/Accountability/policy/

    I have many other questions too, if teachers or administators contact me at Restvan@accessliving.org I promise to protect their idenity.

    Lastly, Alexander has provided a really valuable service to the CPS community. Parents, LSC members, teachers, and others need to understand the PM process. What I am learning has been very informative.

    Rod Estvan

  • I have seen that some schools are developing their own interim assessments, and I have seen some of the information on the observational data. But how does all this link to the performance score which dictates if a school could be closed, or restructured? Isn't the performance policy calculator data utilized at the ILT level? If not what is its purpose for schools? Is its purpose only to be used at the CEO and CAO level?

    Rod Estvan

  • Joe has always preferred being a principal - who wants to deal with all the headaches that come with being CAO. Hubie wanted his own person in there anyway. Now Joe can ride out the last few years of his CPS career in a sweet little school doing what he loves.

  • This an enormous help to me in understanding all of this. In educational assessment theory there is something called predictive validity. This is defined formally as ability of one assessment tool to predict future performance either in some activity
    (in this case 5 week assessment to improvement on the ISAT) or
    on another assessment of the same construct.

    Has this issue been discussed with teachers?

    Rod Estvan

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