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AM News: More Warnings About Chicago School Budget

Denver School Official Urges Caution on CPS’s Debt-Restructuring Goal WBEZ:  A potentially risky strategy to help balance Chicago Public Schools’ budget is moving forward. But an official from Denver says her city’s attempt to try the same thing should give Chicago pause… School Bus Driver Was Still Working After Assault Yahoo! A local school bus... Read more »

Los Angeles Times Publishes Teacher Ratings

Over the weekend the LA Times went forward with its controversial plan to post  value-added ratings for about 6,000 elementary school teachers, based on state test data and employee names provided under FOIA by the district.  Roughly 150 of the teachers wrote in to comment on how they were being rated, and the public nature... Read more »

Voting Rhee Out

Earlier this week the voters of Washington DC ended the reign of Adrien Fenty as mayor and — probably — the tenure of his schools chief, Michelle Rhee, a former TFAer and Joel Klein protegee who’d closed schools and fired droves of teachers and principals (and gotten some good results along with all the bloodshed). ... Read more »

Jobs: Just 13 Percent Of Laid Off Teachers Rehired, Says Union

  CTU says that only 13 percent of teachers may return to classrooms, based on the waves of layoffs so far, despite CPS promises earlier this week to “rescind the layoffs” of high school teachers laid off due to class size increases (remember those?) that were then no longer necessary because of the edujobs money. ... Read more »

Rating Chicago's Reformy-Ness

Chicago gets just one”A” grade in this new report from the conservative-leaning Fordham Foundation — for “municipal environment.”  In that area alone, Chicago comes in first.  In all other areas, the district is graded in the middle of the pack.  Whether this is good news — there are still some educators left! — or bad... Read more »

Educators Aren't The Only Angry Ones

This is like a CPS principal issuing a public challenge to the Board:  A Chicago police lieutenant used his personal blog to slam the city for how it’s being run and what’s happening on the streets, according to this NBC report (Police Lieutenant Blasts Department, Superiors). “We are tired of a leaderless department. We are... Read more »

August Board Meeting (Zombies!)

  What’s happening at the Board meeting today?  Well, the CTU planned a protest. I’m sure there’s lots of talk about this new extended learning thing, and the layoffs vs. edujobs vs. TIF funding debate.  The heat in the classrooms at Track E schools is all but guaranteed to get some air time.  There are... Read more »

Is Chicago State A "Dropout Factory," Too?

This month’s Washington Monthly includes a feature story about college dropout factories that contrasts the experiences of students at places like Chicago State and at places like UIC: “With its tree-lined campus and gleaming new steel and glass convocation center, Chicago State certainly looked impressive. But within his first month there, Nestor wanted to leave.... Read more »

Washington: Race To The Top Winners Announced

  Illinois is not going to be one of the winners of the second round of the Race To The Top grant competition.  Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington DC, Hawaii, Florida are among those winners announced or leaked today.    

Stimulus: CPS Gets Nearly $1 Billion From Washington

According to the folks at, Chicago has received nearly a billion dollars in federal stimulus / bailout funding so far, and spent much of it: Click here for a breakdown of what the various sources of funding were.  Alas, there’s no information on what the money was spent on.