Turnaround Program Races Ahead Of "Race To The Top"

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Flip to page 22 of this report (PDF) to see the list of Illinois schools eligible for turnaround under the federal School Improvement Grant program.  These schools are supposed to be educating 117,000 students but they’re apparently not doing such a great job.  The report, done by an outside group, criticizes the initiative for being harsh and prescriptive.  It’s just as big — $3.5 billion — as Race To The Top, and goes to all 50 states rather than to just the handful that will get “Race” money (IL is a finalist).  It doesn’t allow the do-nothing option that kept many failing schools from making changes under No Child Left Behind.  But that’s been less of an issue in Chicago since the district already had the authority to close or turn around schools on its own, and was very much inclined to do so.  


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  • You talk like all the teachers are allowing their buildings to disintegrate. Not True !

    Yes, we have some bad apples in the basket. Probably at least one or two in each school, but that is no reason to put down everyone. I am besides myself when I see the test scores of some of my students. I question why, work to find the answers, and deploy new methods to reach all my students. Each class, each year, it is different.

    It is not the teachers' fault that only 60% show up for class. It is not the teachers' fault that the student does not do the work required. One teacher in one class trying to do that job gets laughed at. "What's in it for me?" is the question most asked by students, especially in high school.

    We need leadership that can instill in the media and ultimately the parents, that education is important. It starts from the Mayor who supports and shows respect to the teachers and principals. It is the Mayor who appoints the head of CPS (since 1995) and has he put some one in the position that knows education and the classroom? Does the CEO know what teachers and principals face each and every day? Does the CEO show respect and support the teachers? The answer is NO. They show contempt like teachers are the enemy. So tell me, how can teachers get respect from students and parents when they don't get it from the CEO or the Mayor?

    As for turnarounds, it has been documented that when you turn a school upside down and suddenly put all new staff in a building, the students react. They no longer trust or put faith in teachers or the principal. It's a sudden, drastic change that put the students on the edge of disaster.

    Daley is calling the shots and he is the cause of much of the problems. Holding TIF funds away from the schools when he knew it would throw the school budget off. Putting a person at the head of the school district who know absolutely nothing about education. In fact, has Huberman ever run a business before creating the problems that CTA now has?

  • Really? Aren't they on there third principal since being Turned Around?

  • In reply to kdnolan:

    I mean "their"

  • So the Morton "turnaround" is working. . . . . . really? How many suspensions did the school give out. How many students received no homework or packets during suspensions? I hear the test scores from this year were fraudulent! The kids are learning that relationships involve constant detention (being out of the classroom) and suspensions! Where is this turnaround really flourishing is at Howe School of Excellence. Morton is a political nightmare for AUSL and they cover up all issues that arise there i.e. child abuse, students being berated by security (just like at Orr H. S.), and students being denied admission to the school due to administrations personal decisions!!!! Give me a break!!! Morton doesn't even have a strong LSC; how is the community involved. Your administration has been and real continue to be nothing more than a AUSL puppet caught up in "privatizing education".

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