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Event: 2010 PSAE - ACT Results Released Today

The Board is scheduled to release the 2010 scores this morning at Chicago Vocational Career Academy.  The Mayor is supposed to be there, so I guess that means the news is good. [Then again, if it wasn’t good they’d find a way to make it good.  Check out this recent story about how New York... Read more »

AM News: City Councilwoman Slams Magnet Results

Preckwinkle Questions Elite School Enrollment CNC:  “It’s troubling to me — let’s put it that way,” said Preckwinkle, who is African-American, at a meeting this morning of the City Council’s Education Committee. “It’s not that I begrudge the Latino community anything.”… Loyola University of Chicago among colleges whose tuition is not worth it Sun Times: ... Read more »

Roundup: Spread Of "Voluntary" School / Book Fees

Some worthwhile (& controversial) posts from around the Chicago education blogosphere:  Technology and education: Save Our Schools Rally:  The union is launching several initiatives, all with a common theme: reaching out… Black male suspension rates lead to murdered police officers Examiner:  Disruptive black male students are suspended and expelled from public schools at rates that... Read more »

Schedule: Exams Ahead!

Thanks to this Chicago blogger for finding and posting a summary of the testing schedule for the year ahead.  Here’s a sampling.  Click the link for all the details. K-2: DIBELS: September, January, May. (Schools not doing DIBELS must do either STEP or ISEL testing).mClass Math (required): September, January, May. Grades 3 – 8: Scantron... Read more »

Back To School On Monday For Many

Don’t forget — Monday is back to school day for all the “year round” schools. There are now 195 such schools, 63 new ones according to the press release below, plus 19 additional high schools on Track E.   Any words to the newbies out there from all of you who’ve already crossed over into Track... Read more »

Hinz: Proposed Building Selloff

Crain’s Greg Hinz has a column about “a proposal by financier Bruce Rauner [education chair at the Civic Committee] to raise $800 million from investors and bank borrowing, and then use the money to buy surplus buildings from Chicago Pubic Schools and perhaps parochial school operators.”  Seems like a crazy, unlikely deal to me, but... Read more »

Media: Hoping Dumke Brings Grit To Chicago News Cooperative

Congrats to Mick Dumke, former Chicago Reporter writer who is moving from the Reader to the Chicago News Cooperative.  It seems like a good move for him and will (one hopes) bring more grit and tenacity to the CNC’s coverage of municipal affairs (and especially education). Thus far, all we’ve gotten are Jim Warren’s occasionally... Read more »

Leaks: What Would You Leak (Or Want To See Leaked)?

Leaks:  What Would You Leak (Or Want To See Leaked)?
Over the weekend the website WikiLeaks released thousands of reports and updates from the military about how the war in Afghanistan was really going.  It was eye-opening stuff, needless to say, and got me thinking about all the things that it would be interesting to “leak” here: -Interesting (or awful) email copied from FirstClass-Timely memos... Read more »

AM News: Regular Track Firing / Hiring Calls

State funding made easier for ‘gifted’ poor schools Defender:  Among the bills signed into law this month by Gov. Pat Quinn, is one that makes it easier for low-income public schools to receive state funding for gifted educational programs… Chicago Teachers Laid Off in Droves In These Times:  In all, up to 1,500 Chicago teachers... Read more »

Migration: Leaving Chicago

Ever wonder where everyone’s going?  Now you can tell.  The red lines show where everyone’s going. The black lines show the incoming arrivals.  The trends do not bode well, I have to observe.  Click here for the interactive version.