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Turnaround Program Races Ahead Of "Race To The Top"

Flip to page 22 of this report (PDF) to see the list of Illinois schools eligible for turnaround under the federal School Improvement Grant program.  These schools are supposed to be educating 117,000 students but they’re apparently not doing such a great job.  The report, done by an outside group, criticizes the initiative for being... Read more »

AM News: iPads For CSU Frosh (Seriously?)

62 Legislators Violated the Legislative Scholarship Program ChicagoTalks:  Sixty-two members of the Illinois General Assembly broke the law over the course of six years by awarding free tuition to the state’s public universities to 122 college students who didn’t live in the right legislative district… New ‘Sexting’ Law Grants Minors Leniency WBEZ: Psychologist Patrick Tolan... Read more »

Leaked: Huberman Letter

Leaked:  Huberman Letter
Thanks to everyone who sent in this Ron Huberman letter ( Letter_employees_07_28_2010.pdf ) laying out the Board of Ed’s version of the story.  Keep sending emails, letters, presentations — any and everything related to CPS is welcome.  

At Least They Didn't Put Him On The Board Of Ed

Everyone on this blog loves to hate Juan Rangel, for reasons apparent and mysterious.  But that didn’t stop the City Council from approving Rangel’s appointment to the Park District:  Latino leader appointed to Chicago Park District board Clout Street:  Aldermen today approved the appointment of a Latino leader to the Chicago Park District, another sign... Read more »

AM News: What Happened At The Board Meeting

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Quinn Brag Sheet Sent To CPS Employees

Is this illegal?  Or is it just annoying?  A CPS employee passed along this Pat Quinn email which she says was sent to her at her CPS address without her having signed up. She worries about being noticed if she unsubscribes — even if she knew how to do such a thing. Hello! This electronic... Read more »

Video: Help New Woodlawn Organization Win $50,000

The Woodlawn Battle On Wax For Peace is in the running for a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant and wants your help. Funds are awarded based on public voting at Pepsi’s site from August 1st-31st. They are a youth violence prevention organization based on Chicago’s south side that “uses music production to engage the most high-risk... Read more »

Media: Sentimental (& Inaccurate) Turnaround Coverage

Last week it was the nice principal in Vermont. This week it’s the nice lunch ladies in Chicago.  The vivid but really sentimental story is from Chicago Public Radio and is focused on the lunch ladies at Deneen Elementary School.  In the piece, beat reporter Linda Lutton takes a tour around the cafeteria and notes... Read more »

AM News: Turnarounds Take Lunch, Security Staff

Are Lunch Ladies Part of Recipe for Good Schools? WBEZ:   Is it necessary to remove lunch ladies, janitors, and security guards to create better schools?… Students experiment with a career in science Tribune:  Sherin Randall-London should have a memorable project for the science fair  after spending her summer in a lab at Robert H. Lurie... Read more »

IL Named Finalist In "Race To The Top" Round Two

The finalists for round two of Obama’s Race To The Top initiative have just been named, and they are:  AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, HI, IL, KY, LA, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC via WSJ, PK12, etc. If Illinois can be in the mix, then who can’t really? White House... Read more »